AP Spanish

  1. abrocharse el cinturon (acento o)
    to fasten one's seatbelt
  2. acampar
    to camp, go camping
  3. aterrizar
    to land
  4. bajarse de
    to get down, get off, exit from a vehicle
  5. confirmar
    to confirm (a reservation)
  6. conocer
    to get to know
  7. conseguir
    to get or obtain (Tickets ie)
  8. dejar
    to leave behind (to miss a ride)
  9. despegar
    to take off
  10. disfrutar
    to enjoy
  11. estacionar
    to park
  12. facturar
    to bill or invoice
  13. hacer la maleta
    pack the suitcase
  14. hacer los arreglos
    to make arrangments
  15. impacientarse
    to become impatient
  16. marearse
    to get seasick or nauseated (in car or bus)
  17. parar
    to stop (for example vehicle)
  18. partir
    to depart or leave
  19. pasear
    to take a walk or drive
  20. recoger
    to pick up, ie someone who is waiting for a ride
  21. registrarse
    to register
  22. sacar fotos
    to take pictures
  23. subirse a
    to get onto a vehicle
  24. tener prisa
    to be in a hurry
  25. volar
    to fly
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