Approaches to Psychology

  1. psychodynamic
    • Assumes behavior & mental processes are the result of constant internal, unconscious conflicts that rage within us.
    • Instinctual needs vs. societal rules
    • Freud
  2. behavioral
    • Assumes behavior as the result of learned behaviors - not concerned with mental processes.
    • Eliminate bad behaviors by learning new & more adaptive responses
    • Watson, Skinner
  3. cognitive
    • Assumes behavior is affected by how we take in, process and store information (mental processes).
    • Bad behavior is the result of poor problem solving.
    • Bandura, Chomsky
  4. humanistic
    • Assumes behavior is the result of each individual's view of the world.
    • Must understand the behavior & mental processes of each individual.
    • Maslow & Rogers
  5. biological
    Behavior & mental processes are affected by biological processes.
  6. evolutionary
    Behaviors are the result of natural selection - maladaptive behaviors become extinct.
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Approaches to Psychology
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