1. how much of greece are mountains
  2. name 3 bad things about having mountains
    • difficult to unify
    • difficult to grow food
    • limits population
  3. name an advantage from having mountains
    protection from outsiders/ other city states
  4. what is good about the fertile valleys in Greece
    good soil to make olives, grapes, and grains
  5. what are the three seas in greece
    • aegan
    • mediterranean
    • ionian
  6. what are the seas used for in greece?
    • used for trade and travel
    • rely on seas for food
    • some people became excellent sailors
  7. what is the climate of greece
    moderate temperature with little rain
  8. what did the temperature encourage ?
    outdoor life
  9. what is an agora?
    a marketplace where people gathered to discuss topics of the day (gossip)
  10. What is a city-state
    city and surrounding countryside
  11. name three characteristics of the athens
    • educated (well rounded)
    • had a democracy
    • lived in relative peace
  12. name three characteristics of the spartans
    • militaristic (warriors)
    • cultural stagnation (staying in the same place)
    • women were treated equally, except the right to vote
  13. what was the same about the athens and spartans ?
    they both feared slave revolts
  14. what is a democracy
    a form of government where people vote on rulers
  15. solon was asked:
    to rule athens by the rich politicians and poor farmers
  16. solon -economic reforms:
    • cancelled all debts and freed all those enslaved by debt
    • he made farming profitable- could only grow grapes and olives
  17. solon- political reforms:
    • allows every male citizen to attend the assembly where important matters are voted on
    • began legal system
  18. who is cleisthenes
    father of athenian democracy
  19. what is the assembly of athens
    council of 500
  20. any male citizen over the age of 30 could serve in the council if:
    they were chosen by the lottery
  21. what were the problems of all the council men being 30 and chosen by the lottery
    • no women in assembly
    • few young in assembly
    • non-citizens were not represented
    • ^ and they make up 4/5 of the population
  22. who was pericles
    a wise and able statesman who led athens during most of its golden age
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