Somatoform Disorders

  1. Df: somatoform disorders
    Psychological problems in which a person shows the symptoms of some physical (somatic) disorder for which there is no physical cause.
  2. Df: conversion disorder
    A somatoform disorder in which a person appears to be (but is actually not) blind, deaf, paralyzed, or insensitive to pain.
  3. Df: hypochondrasis
    A strong, unjustified feeling that one has or might get cancer, AIDS or some other serious illness.
  4. Df: somatization disorder
    A psychological problem in which one makes dramatic but vague reports about a multitude of physical problems rather than any specific illness.
  5. Df:: somataform pain disorder
    A somatoform disorder marked by complaints of severe, often constant pain with no physical cause.
  6. Df: body dysmorphic disorder
    a somatoform disorder characterized by intense distress over imagined abnormalities of the skin, hair, face, or other areas of the body.
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Somatoform Disorders