Anxiety Disorders

  1. What is an anxiety disorder?
    A condition in which intense feeling of fear and dread are long-standing or disruptive.
  2. Df: Phobia
    phobia - An anxiety disorder that involves strong, irrational fear of an object or situation that does not completely justify such a reaction.
  3. Df: specific phobias
    specific phobias - Phobias that involve fear and avoidance of specific stimuli and situations such as heights, blood, and specific animals.
  4. Df: agroraphobia
    agroraphobia - A strong fear of being alone or away from the safety of home.
  5. Df: generalized anxiety disorder
    A condition that involves long-lasting anxiety that is not focused on any particular object or situation.
  6. Df: panic disorder
    Anxiety in the form of severe panic attacks that come without warning or obvious cause.
  7. Df: obessive-compulsive disorder
    An anxiety disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with certain thoughts or feels a compulsion to do certain things.
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Anxiety Disorders