Defense Mechanisms

  1. D&IE:
    • Repression - unconciously pushing threatening memories, urges or ideas from concious awareness.
    • IE: Forgetting a painful memory
  2. D&IE: Rationalization
    • Rationalization - attempting to make actions or mistakes seem reasonable.
    • IE - Person evades taxes and rationalizes it by saying the government wastes money.
  3. Projection
    • Projection - unconsciously attributing ones own unacceptable thoughts or impulses to another.
    • IE - instead of "he hates me" it's really "I hate him"
  4. Reaction Formation
    • Reaction Formation - defending against unacceptable impulses by acting the opposite to them.
    • IE - sexual impulses toward a married coworker may appear as strong dislike.
  5. Sublimation
    • Sublimation - converting unacceptable impluses into socially acceptable actions.
    • IE - surgeon with a desire to cut people turns that into life-saving acts.
    • IE - person with strong sexual desires becomes an artist.
  6. Displacement
    • Displacement - deflecting an impulse from its original target to a less threatening one.
    • IE - man is mad at wife so he hits dog or wife.
  7. Denial
    • Denial - simply discounting the existance of threatening impulses.
    • IE - person denying they have ever had any sexual attraction to someone of the same sex
  8. Compensation
    • Compensation - striving to make up for uncoincious impulses
    • IE - big truck for small dick
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Defense Mechanisms