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  1. Bone tumors:
    chondroblastoma, ABC, NOF, EG, SBC, FD, osteoid osteoma, Ewing�s, OSA, neuroblastoma mets, lymphoma, leukemia;
  2. Bone tumors with fluid-fluid level �
    ABC, telangiectatic OSA, GCT, single cysts with pathologic fx
  3. Widened joint space:joint effusion �
    septic arthritis, hemarthrosis, transient toxic synovitis, JRA;
  4. widened joint space: synovial thickening without articular cartilage destruction �
    JRA, hemophilia
  5. Bowed bones:
    rickets (most common), NF, OI, FD
  6. Diffuse osteopenia:
    rickets, HPT, immobilization, JRA
  7. Diffuse dense bones:
    osteopetrosis, pyknodysostosis, melorheostosis, Caffey�s, idiopathic hypercalcemia, pachydermoperiostosis, hypothyroidism, syphilus, hypervitaminosis D
  8. Symmetric periosteal reaction:
    physiologic, neuroblastoma, lymphoma, leukemia, infection, Caffey�s, hypervitaminosis A/D, prostaglandins, scurvy, child abuse, trauma, sickle cell � SCALP
  9. Dwarfs:
    achondroplasia, thanatophoric dysplasia, OI, hypophosphatasia, achondrogenesis, multiple epiphyseal dysplasia
  10. Deformed epiphysis: single �
    AVN, trauma, infection, hypothyroidism;
  11. Deformed epiphysis: multiple �
    multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, Morquio�s
  12. Stippled epiphysis:
    chondrodysplasia punctata, multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, AVN, hypothyroid, coumadin/alcohol embryopathy, chromosomal anomalies
  13. Enlarged epiphysis:
    JRA, hemophilia, chronic infection, healed Perthes
  14. Frayed metaphysis:
    rickets, hypophosphatasia, scurvy, rubella, syphilis, achondroplasia, metaphyseal dysostosis
  15. Transverse metaphyseal lines: lucent �
    neonatal stress lines from any severe disease, > 2 yrs consider neuroblastoma mets, lymphoma, leukemia;
  16. Transverse metaphyseal lines: dense �
    neonatal growth recovery lines, >2 yrs lead bands or healing rickets
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