American Gov. Test 4

  1. List 4 ways that a person can participate in government:
    • Vote
    • Pay taxes
    • Jurydaty
  2. What are the requirements for voting in the U.S.?
    • 18yrs older
    • U.S. citizen
    • Meeting residency
    • Requirement be registered
  3. What do people in a political party have in common?
    Common Interest
  4. What are the goals of a political party?
    • Win election
    • Control influence Gov.
  5. List 3 functions of political parties:
    • Recruit candidest to run for office
    • Party membership simplifies choices
    • Provide leadership for running the Gov.
  6. What is a "spoiler"? What kind of political usually does this?
    • Spoiler- Sometimes influence the out come of an election.
    • Third Parties
  7. Why do third or minor party candidates run if their chances of winning are so slim?
    Call attention to an issue that is later adopted by the major parties
  8. What is the term for a person's perception of how much power and influence they can exercise over Government?
    Political efficacy
  9. Name 3 beliefs or positions of the Democratic Party:
    • Believe in opportunities for women
    • Believe that every family should have good jobs
    • Believe in the "working class"
  10. Name 3 beliefs or positions of the Republican Party:
    • Favor state and local control
    • People should help themselves and be resp, for their own condition
    • Gov. should not interferce in the economy unless conditions are really extreme.
  11. Who received the franchise with the passage of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment during the Vietnam War?
    18 yrs olds
  12. What are the 3 types of third or minor political parties?
    • Single issue
    • Splinter
    • Ideological
  13. What third party enjoys some limited support in the Midwest?
    Green Party
  14. What is the average voter turnout in a Presidential Election?
  15. Give 2 reasons for the low voter turnout in the U.S.?
    Feel doesn't matter their vote want make a difference
  16. What is a "referendum"?
    Public vote on an issue
  17. "Franchise" and "suffrage" are terms that mean______.
    Right to vote.
  18. What is an absentee ballot?
    Is use of people can't be in the polling place.
  19. What is our most important civil or civic right?
    Right to vote
  20. Why do eligible citizens have to register before voting?
    to prevent voter fraud.
  21. The current Democratic Party has been around since the election of President_____________.
  22. The Republican Party got its start as the party that opposed___________.
  23. Poll taxes, white primaries, literacy test, and grandfather clauses were all used for what purpose?
    To stop blacks from voting.
  24. What law finally secured voting right for African-Americans?
    Voting Right Act.
  25. Who did the Nineteenth Amendment give voting rights to?
    Women Right to vote.
  26. Name 3 "suffragettes"?
    • Susan B. Anthony
    • Lucy Ston
  27. What does "laissez faire" mean? Which political party supports this idea?
    Gov, shald stay out of B, Republicans.
  28. What is meant by the "status quo"?
    what is currents.
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