Psych: Research Terms

  1. aim
    The purpose of a study – identifies what will be studied.
  2. hypothesis
    A testable prediction.
  3. procedure:
    The step-by-step process used to carry out the study
  4. Findings
    • The statement of how the researcher has interpreted that
    • collected date
  5. ecological validity
    A study is representative of what happens in real life.
  6. empiricial
    • The idea that the knowledge gained is based on
    • observation
  7. reliability
    Resultscan be replicated; generally applies to experimental studies
  8. placebo
    • simulated medical intervention that can produce a
    • (perceived or actual) improvement
  9. prove
    Not used in research about human performance
  10. dependent variable
    the variable that is measured and observed
  11. independent variable
    the variable that is changed in an ecperiment
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