APUSH Midterm review Part 2

  1. Republicanism
    opposite of monarchy; liberty; equality
  2. Cincinnati Society
    elite group of officers
  3. "Remember the Ladies"
    Abigail Adams; laws protecting women
  4. Feme Covert
    woman was covered by her husband
  5. Articles of Confederation
    1781; part of Lee resolution; John Dickinson; creation of new national government
  6. Northwest Ordinance (of 1787)
    3-5 new states to be formed from northwest territory
  7. Failure of Articles of Confederations
    debt; weak congress; weak economy
  8. Annapolis Convention
    1786; trade talks; agreed to hold constitutional convention
  9. "Father of the Constitution"
    James Madison
  10. Great compromise
    also called Connecticut compromise; Roger Sherman; votes based on population
  11. elastic clause
    "Congress shall make all laws considered necassary and proper"
  12. Federalists
    proponents of the Constitution
  13. Antifederalists
    hated constitution
  14. The federalist papers were written by...?
    Madison, Hamilton, and Adams
  15. The first capital
    New york city
  16. Jay's treaty
    created the Dem-Republican party; was not accepted by americans
  17. Hamilton's financial plan
    • 1) public credit
    • 2) banking
    • 3) manufacturing
  18. Benjamin Rush
    PA doctor; wrote "Thoughts Upon Female Education"
  19. Whiskey Rebellion
    1794; Hamilton taxed whiskey; PA farmers rebelled
  20. Gilbert Stuart
    american painter
  21. XYZ Affair
    The alien and sedition acts: federalists laws to hurt the republicans
  22. Kentucky Resolutions (1798)
    Jefferson; reaction to A&S acts; nullification
  23. Virginia Resolutions
    Madison; rejected nullification
  24. 12th ammendment
    (1804) separate ballots for president and vice president
  25. Louisiana Government Bill
    Jefferson did not trust the people on the land after the LA purchase (Hamiltonian)
  26. Lewis and Clark Expedition
    Corps of Discovery; aided by sacagawea; fort clatsop
  27. Marbury vs. Madison
    1803-judicial review (judiciary act was unconstitutional)
  28. Hamilton/Burr duel
    Burr killed Hamilton
  29. "peaceable coercion"
    Jefferson; the embargo act (cartoon Ograbme)
  30. Non-Intercourse Act 1809
    replaced embargo act: america could trade with everyone except Britain and France
  31. Macon's bill #2
    re-established trade with Britain and France
  32. Francis Scott Key
    wrote star spangled banner
  33. "Hero of New Orleans"
    Andrew Jackson
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