Algebra Graphs and Functions

  1. A relation is a set of ordered pairs. A functions is a relation that has one _____ for an _____.
    One output, or range value for every one input, or domain value.
  2. Is this a function?
    No because (-2,-1) and (-2,1) have 2 output values for 1 input values.
  3. Use the vertical line test to see if it is a function or not. There will only be 1 point on a vertical line. For example,
    ..l /
    ./l = Yes
    / l

    .l\ =NO
    I understand
  4. Absolute Value functions make a shape of a ____
  5. To solve an absolute value question, you need to _______.
    Simplify it down to just the absolute value and then write 2 equations.

    • l3rl+1>8
    • .....-1..-1
    • 3r>7
    • -3r<7
  6. A quadratic equation has an ________ and x as a ____, and forms a _______
    A quadratic equation has an exponent and x as a base, and forms a parabula.
  7. To find the function rule, what would you do mathematically to __ to get __?
  8. If the chart goes in order, like the one below, __________.
    x y
    1 3__
    2 5<-l 2
    3 7<-l 2
    4 9<-l 2
    Multiply by the difference of the numbers on the right. That charrt is 2x+1=y
  9. The direct variation equation is ____
  10. The constant of variation, _, is the co-efficient of x, and x and y vary directly.
  11. The equation for inverse variation is ____.
  12. Inverse variations vary inversely, meaning _____
    One goes up, the other goes down. It's like a pulley.
  13. The points (3,8) and (2,y) vary inversely. Find the missing value.
    • xy=k
    • 3x8=k
    • 24=k

    • xy=k
    • 2y=24
    • __..__
    • 2....2
    • y=12
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