Pre AP English Vocabulary

  1. Appalling
    horror, fill with dismay
  2. Incessant
    without interruption
  3. beatific
    Joy, Inter peace
  4. Denounce
    To condemn, to expose critically
  5. Pelutant
    Ill humor, cranky
  6. Feign
    Fake or false
  7. Convoluter
  8. Disparate
    Fundamentally Different
  9. Tenacious
    Tough, Stubburn, not letting go
  10. Curtail
    To Cut short
  11. Waft
    Gentle Breeze
  12. Serene
    Clear, calm
  13. Melancholy
    Gloomy or sad
  14. Embellish
    To make beatiful by ordementing.
  15. Abstract
    Difficult to understand
  16. Pedestrian
  17. Futile
    Having no significant result, to be foolish
  18. Harangue
    To lecture
  19. Alleviate
    To ease Pain or burnen
  20. Benign
    Gentle or kind
  21. Cataract
    Waterfall, an eye abnormality
  22. Disparage
  23. to speak of in a negative way.
  24. Ambiguous
    Unclear, open to more than one interpretation.
  25. Candor
    sincerity, openess
  26. Embuliance
    Intence and Joyful
  27. Aesthetic
    Artistic Beauty
  28. Amenable
    Agreeable, willing to give it for the wishes of others...
  29. Fathom
    To fully understand
  30. Tacit
    Implied but not expressed
  31. Incongrous
    Not Appropiate, not fitting in
  32. Parry
    To block
  33. Intuitive
    Natural Knowing
  34. Insouciant
    Calm or carefree
  35. Reticent
  36. Benevolent
    Kind, Generous
  37. Revere
    To gently respect and honor.
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