The Writings FINAL

  1. The Writings
  2. Kethuvium
    • Highly diverse in content and literary form
    • Represented varied responses to life in the post-exilic community
    • Judah is no longer a nation, but a theocracy ("God-ruled" state) under an occupying power
    • The "restoration" following the exile was the restoration of Jewish religion, not the Jewish state
  3. The Writings
    • Devotional Poetry
    • Priestly Histories
    • Wisdom Literature
    • Short Stories
    • Apocalypse
  4. Devotional Poetry
    Psalms and Lamentations
  5. Psalms
    • The hymn book of the Second Temple (515 BC and following)
    • Run the gamut of feelings from high praise to bitter complaint
  6. Lamentations
    A series of 5 poems lamenting the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon
  7. Priestly Histories
    • Ezra-Nehemiah and 1&2 Chronicles
    • History told and reworked by priests leading post-Exilic Judah
  8. Ezra-Nehemiah
    Rebuilding of Temple and Walls
  9. 1 & 2 Chronicles
    • Retelling the story of the Monarchy and divided the Kingdom (Samuel-Kings) from priestly perspective
    • With Davidic Monarchy gone, became necessary to retell history emphasizing temple and priests
  10. Wisdom Literature
    • Not dominated by priestly concerns; practical, commonsense advice
    • Song of Solomon: An erotic love poem
    • Proverbs: An optimistic treatise on "How to Succeed"
    • Ecclesiastes: A cynical work questioning conventional wisdom
    • Job: Vigorously attacks fairness of Deuteronomic formula
  11. Sages
    Wise men often attached to king's court
  12. Short Stories
    • Ruth, Jonah, and Esther
    • All three placed in time earlier than written
    • Represent 2 responses to crisis of assimilation
  13. Universalism
    Ruth and Jonah
  14. Exclusivism
    • Esther
    • Only book in the bible with no direct reference to God
  15. Apocalypse
    • Daniel is the only full blown Apocalypse in Old Testament
    • Highly symbolic language conveys meaning of visions about the end of times
    • Things are so bleak that God must intervene directly
    • Last book of Hebrew Bible written
    • Composed during the period of intense persecution
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