Bio 190 lab

  1. what is respiration?
    involves intake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide
  2. what is the net equation for respiration
    C6H12O6 + 6CO2===> 6CO2+6H20+ATP+Heat
  3. where does the respiration occur in a cellular organelle?
    in the mitochondria
  4. what did we do with the yeast?
    we fixed the yeast with glucose, sucrose, starch, and distilled water( control). we measured the volume of CO2. GLUCOSE PRODUCED THE MOST THAN SURCROSE
  5. what is the net equation for photosynthesis
    6CO2+12H2O=>C6H12O6+6CO2 + 6H2O
  6. where does photosynthesis takes place?
    in the thaylakoid membranes of the chloroplast
  7. what does the paper chromatography measure
    the solubility and molecular weight. Depending on that, you get your lines on the paper
  8. what is carbon fixation?
    makes glucose. occurs in the dark reaction (light independent reaction)
  9. what does the light reaction do?
    releases oxygen
  10. what happens to the chromosomes and when is it visible?
    • they condense
    • they are visible during prophase
  11. what happens in prometaphase?
    nuclear membrane has completely dissociated into vesicles and the spindle is fully formed. sister chromatids attach to spindle via kinetochore microtubules
  12. what is paper chromatography used for?
    it is a way of separating dissolved compounds such as chlorophyll, carotene, xanthophyll. The pigments are adsorb on the fibers of the paper. . the paper is immersed in solvent and the the solvent moved through the spot of applied pigments.
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