Religion Ch.5 Review

  1. illeterate paesant girl that has visions and commands the French army in the Battle of Orleans.
    Joan of Arc
  2. pope that returned the papacy to Rome but died shortly afterward
    Gregory XI
  3. -heretic who criticized Avignon papacy and attacked the wealth of its leaders
    -The Lollards spread his ideas
    John Wycliffe
  4. Renaissance popes
    • Pope Alexander VI
    • Leo X
    • Julius II
  5. focused on military exploits and bulding projects
    showed little interest in spiritual matters
    pope Julius II
  6. "Since God has given us the papacy, let us enjoy it."
    Leo X
  7. Dutch humanist and author that wanted to push the church toward self renewal
    Desaderius Erasmus
  8. Themas a kempis
    The limitation of christ
  9. Who was the leader of the forces that conquered Constantinople?
    Sultan Mahomet II
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