Informatics final

  1. Which of the following is the best description of evidence-based practice?
    Integrating best research results, clinical practice and patient values
  2. The nursing staff on a unit is discussing a recent error which resulted in the patient being transferred to the ICU and intubated for 2 weeks. The nurses are analyzing the event which occurred. What type of error does this event describe?
    Sentinel event
  3. Which of the following is the major impact of using a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system?
    Improved patient safety
  4. A student is searching the Internet for information about the nursing licensure examination. Which site would be most appropriate for the student to access?
    National Council of State Boards of Nursing
  5. An informatics nurse speciality would describe information literacy as essential for which of the following?
    Evidence-based practice
  6. When evaluating a web site for health information, which question would be important for the nurse to ask when determining the validity and quality of the information?
    Is the date of the site's last update clearly specified?
  7. A healthcare provider is setting up email communication between the practice and his patients. One of the nurses is teaching the patients how to use the system. The nurse determines that additional teaching is needed when one of the patients states which of the following?
    “We should be very specific in our message, making sure that it is detailed.”
  8. After teaching students about the various types of electronic health records, the instructor determines that the students have understood the information when they state that which of the following is the current focus of most healthcare agencies?
    Electronic patient record
  9. After teaching a class about informatics, the instructor determines that the teaching was successful when the students define informatics as which of the following?
    Use of information technology
  10. An informatics nurse specialist is presenting a seminar on nursing informatics. After the seminar, a group of nurses are talking with the presenter and one of the nurses states, “I'm pretty good with computers, so I should be become an informatics nurse.” Which of
    the following responses would be most appropriate?
    “The computer is just a tool for the real focus, information management.”
  11. Which of the following would a clinical decision support system provide an alert for when a provider uses computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for a medication? Select all that apply.
    • Drug incompatibilities
    • Allergies
    • Drug-drug interaction
  12. Which of the following would a nurse administrator least expect to use when collecting data for core measurements?
    Gastric upset
  13. Which of the following would be least appropriate to use as a primary source for obtaining evidence-based nursing research?
  14. Florence Nightingale used nursing informatics to:
    Demonstrate an unnecessary death rate to soldiers due to unsanitary conditions
  15. The hospital has hired a nurse informatics specialist. What will be the purpoe this nurse will serve?
    Develop processes to help professional nurses use informatic strategies to enhance the delivery of patient care
  16. In 1992, the ________________________recognized nursing informatics as an approved specialty for the professional nurse
    American Nurses Association (ANA)
  17. The best definition of nursing informatics is
    An integration of nursing science, computer science and information science
  18. The goal of nursing informatics is
    To improve health by optimizing information management and communication
  19. A patient is very upset about the diagnosis of breast cancer. She tells the professional nurse that according to the internet, all breast cancer results in death. Which of the following would be an appropriate response?
    “Not all resources on the internet are reliable”
  20. A 63 year old female patient asks the professional nurse to help decide which information on the internet is legitimate. The professional nurse recommends the patient look for: (Select all that apply)
    • A disclaimer that the information is not to replace medical advice
    • The name of the author and their credentials
    • A date that states when the information was updated
  21. One of the challenges with providing patient access to online medical records is
    Information may be complex and require explanation by a qualified health care provider with knowledge of the patients’ case
  22. Computerized Prescriber Order Entry (CPOE) can address the following medication safety issues (Select
    all that apply)
    • Transcription
    • Prescriber ordering
    • High alert medications
    • Electronic MAR's
  23. As a professional nurse working on a medical/surgical unit, you are using bar-coding and electronic medication administration record (e-MAR) to administer and document medications to your patients.
    Using these informatic strategies negate the need for 3 checks and 6 rights of medication administration. - T/F
  24. A nurse is preparing medications and puts the wrong medication in the medication cup for the patient. Before the nurse enters the room, he looks at the medication and realizes it is the wrong color and
    returns to the medication room. The nurse reports this to the nurse manager as a near miss. What is the most appropriate explanation of this near miss?
    Willingness to identify near missess indicate that safety is a valued part of the hospital's culture
  25. A route cause analysis or RCA is used to:
    Evaluate systems when an error is made
  26. The National Patient Safety Goals (NPSG) are:
    Published by the Joint Commission and are updated annually
  27. The definition of an error is the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of the wrong plan to achieve an aim. An error can be an act of commission or an act of omission - T/F?
  28. Most errors are caused by
    System failures
  29. The Institute of Medicine (IOM) identified several factors which contributed to the errors in the health care setting. (Select all that apply)
    • The need for swift decision making
    • Inadequate training
    • Inconsistent technology
    • Poor communication
    • Higher patient acuity due to increased co-morbitities
  30. Airline safety has been cited as an example for the adoption in health care organizations to improve patient safety
  31. Who are the key stakeholders in hospital quality initiatives?
    All of the above
  32. Which of the following would be a common example of using a handheld computer in the clinical setting?
    Barcode medication administration
  33. A nurse is preparing a presentation about various telehealth practices for a group of community. Which of the following would the nurse include about e-intensive care or e-ICU?
    Workflow typically requires redesign
  34. An example of telenursing as part of telehealth is in non-disaster setting as a nursing specialty - T/F
  35. Telenursing utilizes the nursing process to assess, plan, intervene and evaluate outcomes
  36. When describing the advantages and disadvantages of e-learning programs to a group of students, the instructor determines that the students understand the information when they state which of the following?
    "We can set our own pace for learning with the program"
  37. A nurse is participating in a face to face course involving virtual presence. The nurse is involved in which of the following?
    Hybrid course
  38. A group of students is reviewing material about the types of standards for telehealth and telemedicine. Which of the following, if stated by the students as an example of technical standards, indicates successful review?
    System for network connectivity
  39. An instructor is describing the technology classifications associated with telehealth and determines that the students have understood the teaching when they state which of the following as being associated with real-time telehealth?
    Same-time interaction of the patient and provider via video
  40. A nurse is reading an article about a surgeon who uses a combination of robotics and virtual reality along with special gloves and audio and video technology to perform surgery by manipulating surgical instruments at a remote site. The nurse is reading about which of the following?
  41. A student interested in e-learning opportunities asks an instructor for advice. Which response by the nurse would be most appropriate?
    "You need to be motivated and disciplined with this type of learning"
  42. A group of instructors are discussing the possible use of a virtual reality learning program. Which of the following would be most important for the instructors to address before having the students use the program?
    Navigating the virtual world
  43. A nurse is describing telehomecare to a groupd of patients, incorporating the knowledge that this method of care is cost-effective because of which of the following
    It allows early detection, reducing the need for unnecessary emergency visits
  44. In which of the following would a nurse least expect to find telemental health?
    Large cities
  45. When explaining teletrauma to a group of students, which of the following would the instructor include?
    Use of trauma care experts for second opinions
  46. One of the main issues with telehealth includes licensure and practice across state lines - T/F
  47. Which of the following would a nurse use when describing telenursing?
    Promotes autonomous practice
  48. Patient safety is enhanced with the use of clinical simulation in the following ways (select all that apply)
    • Simulation allows for the practice of high risk, low volume procedures and patient care scenarios in a controlled, simulated setting
    • Simulation can be completed with Mannequins or human patient simulation
    • Participants can practice in a risk-free setting and incorporate real world issues; such as equipment failure, interruptions in care which may in the real world distract and cause error
  49. The goal(s) of public health disease surveillance include
    • All of the above -
    • to determine a baseline level of disease
    • to detect epidemics
    • to assess public health interventions
  50. Community health risk assessment is an important component of information technology data that can be used to inform of the presence of potential hazards to the community. Additionally, a community risk assessment may identify the following
    • A and B -
    • unmet needs and opportunities for action that may help setting new priorities
    • to monitor the impact of prevention programs
  51. How is Public Health Informatics (PHI) different from that of Nursing Informatics?
    PHI focus on the promotion of health and disease prevention in population and communities
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