Psych Piaget

  1. Piaget's stages of cognitive development:
    • Sensorimotor
    • preoperational
    • concrete operational
    • Formal operational
  2. Sensorimotor:
    • From birth to 2 years
    • (substages)
    • 1. Simple Reflexes
    • 2. First habits and primary circular reactions
    • 3. Secondary Circular reactions
    • 4. Coordination of secondary circular reactions
    • 5. Tertiary Circular reactions
    • 6. Beginning of thought
  3. Simple Reflexes:
    • (First month of a newborn's life)
    • The physical and cognitive life of the baby is its inborn reflexes, these reflexes help the baby interact with the world.
    • Sucking reflexes: allows baby to suck anything near lips.
  4. First habits and Primary circular reactions
    • (1-4 months)
    • the baby coordinates 2 separate actions into a single activity (while holding an object start sucking on it)
  5. Secondary Circular Reactions
    • (4-8 months)
    • The baby starts to act and react to outside world (picks up a rattle and shakes it to hear the sound it makes)
  6. Coordination of secondary Circular reactions
    • (8moths-1 year)
    • The baby has goal-directed behavior), combines activities to solve a problem (The mother takes his rattle, he looks for it)
  7. Tertiary Cicular Reactions
    • (1 year-18months)
    • The baby makes small experiments to observe results (drops the toy to see hoe it falls and continues to see what happens next).
  8. Beginning of thought
    • (18month-2years)
    • forms mental and symbolic thought. the baby starts to remember past events and objects (if ball rolls under bed, he predict it will emerge on the other side).
  9. Properational stage STAGE
    • (2-7)
    • begins when child begins to talk
    • learns to substitute objects with symbols
    • The child can think about events not happening in the present
    • Think outside their world and play "pretend"
  10. Concrete operation STAGE
    • (7-12)
    • child begins to think abstractly and to make rational judgments. Can ask and answer questions which allows to mentally manipulate information.
  11. Formal Operational STAGE
    • (12-+)
    • Final stage. Does no longer need concrete objects to make rational decisions. Is able to consider many possibilities from all kinds of perspectives.
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