spanish final verbs

  1. to get used to
  2. to attend
    asistir a
  3. to dare
    atreverse a
  4. to help
    ayudar a
  5. to refuse
    negarse a
  6. to be enough
    bastar con
  7. to marry
    casarse con
  8. to get engaged
    comprometerse con
  9. to count on
    contar con
  10. to meet (encounter)
    encontrarse con
  11. to dream about
    sonar con
  12. to have just done something
    acabar de + infinitive
  13. to remember
    acordarse de
  14. to to be glad
    alegrarse de
  15. to realize
    darse cuenta de
  16. to fall in love with
    enamorase de
  17. to take charge of
    encargarse de
  18. to find out
    enterarse de
  19. to forget
    olvidarse de
  20. to leave (a place)
    salir de
  21. to try
    tratar de
  22. to trust
    confiar en
  23. to agree
    convenir en
  24. to notice
    fijarse en
  25. to insist on
    insistir en
  26. to think about
    pensar en
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spanish final verbs
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