Ch 7 Suicide

  1. Varieties of Suicidal Experiences
    • Threatening Suicide
    • Attempting Suicide
    • Committing Suicide
  2. Threatening Suicide
    • They do so explicitly, directly, or clearly.
    • They clearly want to live but threats are intended to achieve some objective in life
    • Does not mean they will not commit suicide
  3. Attempting Suicide
    • They are ambiguous in their intent
    • Most attempts are carried out so they can be rescued
    • Mostlikley women (lower class)
  4. Committing Suicide
    • Prior attemp to kills themselves
    • Mostlikely men (higher class)
    • 5 feelings: Depressed, Apologetic, Vindicated, Angry with themselves, Magnanimous, Surrealistic
  5. Groups with higher suicide rates
    • Residents in rural, wide-open areas
    • Whites
    • The less religious
    • Males
    • The divorced or single
    • Older people
    • The relatively well-off
  6. Situational Factors in Suicide
    • Going through adolescence
    • Going to college
    • Being in prison
    • Being stricken with AIDS
    • Under media influence
  7. Social Responses to Suidice
    • Survivor's reactions- parents or children
    • Advocating Suicide- Physician assisted suicide
    • Preventing Suicide-
  8. Sociological Theories of Suicide
    • Classical Durkheimian Theory
    • A Modern Durkheimian Theory
    • Phenomenological Theory
  9. Classical Durkheimian Theory
    • Social Integration- part of a group (family)
    • Social Regulation- females, part of group but regulated compared to brothers
  10. Classical Durkheimian Theory: 4 types of suicide
    • Egoistic- too little social integration (unmarried)
    • Altruistic- too much intergration (bombers)
    • Anomic- less socially regulated (rich countries)
    • Fatalistic- more regulated (slaves)
  11. Modern Durkheimian Theory
    • Sociological
    • Psychological
    • Economic
  12. Modern Durkheimian Theory: Sociological
    • Weak relational system- not involved in society (unmarried, older than 65)
    • Weak external restrain- high status (white, males)
  13. Modern Durkheimian Theory: Psychological
    conditioned by parents and therefore developed a strong conscience so they blame themselves (kill themselves)
  14. Modern Durkheimian Theory: Economic
    Economic drepression is frustrating and the higher- status individuals are impacted more and therefore more likely to kill themselves
  15. Phenomenological Theories
    • Theory of Suicidal Meaning-
    • Theories of Suicidal Process-
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