Day 12 Psyc 432

  1. What kind of information impacts spoken word recognition?
    Frequency effect, neighborhood effects, and context effects
  2. What does the cohort model say?
    • - Words are recognized with both bottom-up and top-down information stimultaneously
    • - Recognition happens fast and online
    • -Initial information in a word has priority because it comes first
  3. What is a cohort?
    words that begin the same ( Elevator, elephant)
  4. How does the Cohort model work?
    Cohort sets are activated stimultaneously, but this set decreases as additional input is received over time.
  5. What is ambiguity?
    a stimulus with more than 1 meaning.
  6. What is a lexical ambiguity?
    A word with more than 1 meaning
  7. Describe Swinney's experiment.
    Participants presented with lexical ambiguities. There was some activation for different possible word meanings despite context...supports the modular view.
  8. Describe the differences in online and offline processing.
    • -Online: information intially activated when you process some stimuli
    • -Offline- after you have plenty of time to think about it, what is your interpretation?
  9. What determine the degree to which context plays a role?
    • -Strength of context
    • -meaning dominance
  10. What is meaning dominance?
    frequency of meaning influences what meanings are activated (ex. bank is usually thought of as financial instituion, bug usually insect or computer bug)
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