English Vocabulary

  1. Bigot
    Noun: One who is intolerant of differences in others.
  2. Expunge
    Verb: To erase or eliminate.
  3. Candid
    Adjective: Outspoken; blunt.
  4. Argot
    Noun: Special words or phrases used by a specific group of people.
  5. Negligence
    Noun: Careless neglect often resulting in injury.
  6. Appease
    Verb: To calm; to make satisfied.
  7. Strident
    Adjective: Harsh sounding; grating.
  8. Chaos
    Noun: Complete disorder.
  9. Augment
    Verb: To enlarge; increase in amount or intensity.
  10. Jingoism
    Noun: Extreme chauvinistic patriotism, often favoring an aggressive, warlike foreign policy.
  11. Rancor
    Noun: Extreme hatred or ill will.
  12. Inexoable
    Adjective: Unrelating; unavoidable.
  13. Extol
    Verb: To praise highly.
  14. Clement
    Adjective: Merciful; lenient.
  15. Cliche
    Noun: A worn-out idea or overused expression.
  16. Adamant
    Adjective: Unyielding; firm in opinion.
  17. Diffident
    Adjective: Lacking in self confidence; shy.
  18. Opus
    Noun: A creative work, especially a numbered composition.
  19. Ostensible
    Adjective: Professed but not necessarily true.
  20. Disparity
    Noun: Inequality; difference.
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