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  1. Which of the following is NOT a source of global conflict post-1945(ww2)?
  2. Which of the following events most accelerated the process of decolonization?
    World War 2
  3. The last continent to experience decolonization was...
  4. The dismantling of imperial empires through de-colonization occured as a result of what types of conflict?
    All of the above- War and revolution, non-violent protest, peaceful transition to statehood.
  5. The British "Statute of Westminister"--which granted independence in 1931 to parts of the British Empire--was racist statute because...
    All of the above---It denied independence to parts of the British Empire on the basis of race, It repeated "Social Darwinian" arguments about imperialism, It granted independence to Britian's "white dominions", It allowed the perpetuation of racial segregation in South Africa.
  6. Article 2 of the 1960 UN resolution on "Granting Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples" states that "All peoples have the right to self-determinations..." Article 7 states that "All states shall observe faithfully and strictly the provisions of Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Present Declaration..." It can be directly concluded from these two articles that...
    None of the Above---Individuals are not the same as peoples.
  7. What independence movement brought down the French 4th Republic in 1958?
    Algerian Revolution
  8. The international monitor of global nuclear threat is known as...
    The Doomsday Clock
  9. Decolonization increased tensions during the Cold War by creating regional conflicts or "hot spots" in the Cold War
  10. Important policy decisions of the United Nations is today primarily dictated by...
    Victors of World War 2 and China
  11. According to the Feil Report, how many UN forces would have been needed on the ground to stop the genocide in the first two weeks?
  12. Which of the following did the Feil report Not recoment to prevent and stop future cases of Genocide?
    Revise current UN conventions on genocied to reflect limitation of UN peacekeeping
  13. UN efforts to peace-keep and/or stop human rights violations in a nation state often run into conflict with...
    All of the Above---UN promises to respect the territorial integrity of member states, The "right of self-determination", Long-standing cultural traditions, National interests of member states.
  14. The 1994 genocide in Rwanda was the result of significatn racial differences between the Hutus and the Tutsis.
  15. The majority of current UN peacekeeping missions are located in...
    post-colonial states (i.e. formerly colonized by an imperialist power), and Asia, Africa and the Middle East.
  16. What do the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and Bosnia-Herzegovina have in common?
    Recent efforts to nation-build have had limited success.
  17. The 1994 Rwandan genocide was greatly facilitated by identity cards first issued by which imperialist power in the 1930s?
  18. The Clinton Administration knew about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda but failed to acknowledge it publicy.
  19. The most common methods for prosecuting alleged war crimes against humanity are...
    All of the Above---International Tribunals such as Nuremburg, Truth and Reconciliation Commissions, International Criminal Court.
  20. Constitutions and elections are not enough to create stable democratic societies. They also need...
    A vibrant civil society
  21. Under the "Old" Imperialism, national empires gained new markets for their products (manufactured and agricultural) by directly or indirectly controlling colonial territories. In the "new" imperialism, the exporting of products and services from first world to developing nations is instead...
    Facilitated by international organizations largely controlled by first world countries, and Reversed-it is developing countries who are producing much of the goods globally traded.
  22. After WW2 the first "new imperialists" were...
    The U.S. and the Soviet Union
  23. The U.S. is viewed as the greatest "new" imperialist today because...
    All of the Above---We have the world's largest consumer market, We consume a disproportionate amount of the world's energy resources, We ar the world's lone military superpower.
  24. The post WW2 international ban on "aggressive war" was most threatened in the early 21st century by...
    The U.S. 2002 National Security Strategy
  25. The current permanent membership of the United Nations' security council is one example of "new" imperialism
  26. According to Benjamin Barber, the imperatives encouraging "McWorld" include...
    Common Markets and Resource dependency
  27. Osama Bin Laden in 2004 justified the 9/11 attacks by criticizing the U.S. for its involvement in...
    The Middle East
  28. According to Samuel Huntington, the "Clash of Civilizations" will be caused by...
    Cultural Differences
  29. Euro-Disney, McDonalds, and "Die Hard" are viewed by many as examples of...
    Western cultural imperialism and Cultural hegemony
  30. As the world's lone superpower, the U.S. is the world's remaining imperialist.
  31. How is the issue of Israeli settlements an obstacle to resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine?
    Because Palistinians think the settlements are Israeli means of expansion and if the palistinians ever become an independent stae who would the settlers belong to? Israel or Palistinians
  32. What is the most important solution to fixing the Arab-Israeli conflict?
    Making Jerusalem an independent City-State that belongs to neither of the two countries.
  33. According to Israeli rights groups, what is the Israeli government trying to cover up?
    War crimes
  34. How long did the 1967 War between Israel and Palestine last?
    6 days
  35. The Amendment passed by the Israeli Parliament would require non-Jews wishing to become citizens to recognize Israel as what kind of state?
    Independent City State
  36. Why does West Virgina want to overturn the stricter mining regulations?
    Mining is a large pillar in West Virginia's economy
  37. Why is the use of primitive stoves one of the leading causes of global warming?
    • Increased global warming due to
    • 1) the millions of tons of soot released
    • into the atmosphere from them burning
    • 2) deforestation needed to fuel them
  38. Why is Peru upset with China other than using its resources?
    They were being exploited to help build the new China,
  39. Why is a union filing this trade case rather than a corporation?
    Usually the US government relies on companies to gather information for trade cases. The reason that the steelworkers are filling this suit is because they have only further american jobs to lose. American corporations wouldn't dare to make any case against China for fear of angering the Chinese government and losing out on profitable business in the country.
  40. What are problems with rising carbon dioxide levels, dealing with the environment?
    • Greater fluxuation in normal geological climates
    • Increase in the acidity in our worlds oceans
  41. How much money has India offered to Afghanistan since 2001?
    $1.2 billion
  42. The rapes and killings of women during the Bangladesh war are examples of what type of crime?
    Crimes against humanity
  43. How does the Iranian constitution complicate world conflicts?
    • Because it
    • -Protect independency
    • -Practice non-alignment toward hegemonic states
    • -Form peaceful ties with non-hegemonic states
    • -Reject ANY forms of hegemony
    • -Defend rights of Muslims
    • -United States is the one and only SUPERPOWER
  44. Does India have the legal right to build the hydro-electric dams they have planned on?
  45. What can be done to solve or eliminate the conflict in Cuidad Juarez?
    encourage economic growth, and by doing so, develop high-paying jobs for the Mexican people.
  46. How does the Drug Cartel Armies, specifically in Colombia, keep indigenious villagers systematically repressed?
    • murder and terrorize villagers
    • Recruit young people
  47. After reading about John Locke this semester, According to Locke, what is the Mexican government failing to do for the Mexican citizens?
    • A political battle between the government with the drug cartels to gain authority
    • –The government has lost their ability to protect one of the Mexican people’s natural rights, the right to life (john Locke)
  48. What is the purpose of Torre's safe house?
    collects and cares for exotic animals held and abused by drug lords
  49. Which U.S. state passed the first law regulating marijuana?
    California in 1913
  50. What is the notion of shared sovereignty?
    A formula for complex interdependent relations
  51. How does the French Republican Model play a role in the ethnic conflicts taking place in France?
    French Republican Model (from the French Revolution) states that, “the nation-state must always give preference to collectivity over the individual”.

    They assume that when you live in France, you are “French”.

    It states that society never accepts foreigners who have a different language, different religion, different skin color, and different customs.”
  52. What sparked the immigration of Roma to Western Europe?
    Many people have left these countries in search of better living conditions and work opportunities in Western Europe
  53. What does Rafeal Rafaj, the author of the National Identity Bill say his bill will prevent?
    He argues legislating patriotism is a bulwark against allowing ethnic minorities to form a “cultural ghetto”
  54. Who wrote "Germany does away with itself"?
    Thilo Sarrazin
  55. What stance does the Turkish government take on the issue of international interference and/or recognition concerning the genocide, or ‘mass murders’ of the Armenians in the early 1900s?
    interference is creating a high emotional response within the people of Turkey and Armenia.
  56. What are the differences between the people in north Sudan and south Sudan?
    • North-Predominantly Arab and Muslim
    • South-Predominantly Christian and animist
  57. What actions has led Omar al-Bashir to be accused of genocide?
    • The Sudanese government used its forces against rebel movements for the past five years.
    • Inefficiently not supplying enough international aid. Which includes crucial food, drinking water and medical supplies to war victims and refugees in the Darfur.
  58. What are two key components that are critical to possibly solving the complex problem of genocide that took place in Congo?
    must get other countries attention so problem can be internationally known

    cautious with the choice of words until proven it is “genocide” or “crimes against humanity”, make sure to have TRUE, documented information
  59. Why do the leaders on trial continue to deny the charges?
    They said the killings of “enemies” were a necessary part of the revolution
  60. Why are workers in Bangladesh asking for higher wages?
    With the establishment of infrastructure in the region there will be a more stabilized economy to follow
  61. Why are developing countries forced into harsh labor conditions?
    for the survival of maintenance of local factories and global economy
  62. On a global scale, why would it matter if Russia gained access into the WTO?
    • -Bring diversity to WTO meaning more difficulty in decision making
    • -Larger degree of stability and transparency in the international trading system
    • -Significant expansion of geographical coverage by WTO
  63. Why are the country members and people of Europe upset with the European Union?
  64. •People in countries and individual countries cutting budgets in order to fund European Union and EU’s increased spending
    •Economic conflict – recession has hit EU people’s hard and high taxes are becoming unbearable to pay
  65. What have the U.S. and other western nations done to try and lessen China’s economic control in the world?
    • Many Tariffs have been imposed in western nations such as:
    • –Chinese Steel Imports in U.S. and the European Union
    • –Chinese tires and coated paper products in the U.S.
    • –Taxes on products from countries, mainly China, that do not accept higher costs for carbon emissions on producing energy and making goods. (U.S. and France)
  66. What is the type of war taking place between the two tribes and what qualifies them to be a guerrilla insurgency?
    Guerilla warfare is essentially a political war… Once the mind has been reached, the political animal has been defeated,…”
  67. Is the grouping of civilians by the Tamil Tigers in effort to stop military bombing an act of terrorism?
  68. Which other form of nonconventional warfare did Islamic guerrilla insurgents resort to using in their attacks on Iraqi polling stations?
    Car bombs and suicide bombers
  69. Are the FARC popular among Colombian civilians?
  70. What caused the terrorism of Somalis?
    Ethiopian military pulled out
  71. What is the main argument against using military involvement to combat terror in Indonesia?
    “Terrorism is not an existential threat to the nation, it is not threatening the unitary republic. It is a criminal exercise by a small group of people who are generally well known, and many of them have been in and out of prisons.”
  72. What are the main obstacles to prosecuting international/foreign terrorists in the United States?
    • American politics
    • Lack of precedent
    • Fear vs. justice vs. human rights
    • Domestic terrorists are tried in civilian courts as criminals, should international terrorists be also? Their crimes were not committed in the U.S. so where do we draw the line?
    • **What rights do terrorists have?**
    • úAre they war criminals?
    • úEnemy combatants?
  73. What gives the United States a reason to suspect Al Qaeda is linked to future terrorism attacks?
    The attack on the World Trade Center
  74. Whose homes were searched by the FBI and on what grounds?
    possible terrorist group supporters

    helped organize demonstrations against the war in Iraq.
  75. What does the British government say is the main obstacle to tracking all terrorism suspects?
    British government has limited resources to track and monitor all terror related suspects.
  76. What are the obstacles that the U.S. faces in negotiating with Iran?
    • U.S.’s Foreign Policy
    • Military force dependence
    • Historical relations with the US
    • Iran’s Leader: Ahmadinejad
    • Nationalism
    • Regionalism
    • Failed negotiations
    • Economic sanctions
    • Incentives
  77. What caused the 1994 Accord on Nuclear Weapons and North Korea to collapse?
    • North Korea rejected
    • American demands that they
    • respond to allegations of nuclearweapons
  78. Under what conditions would Obama deploy nuclear warheads?
    “For the first time, the United States is explicitly committing not to use nuclear weapons against nonnuclear states that are in compliance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, even if they attacked the United States with biological or chemical weapons or launched a crippling cyberattack
  79. Why won’t President Sarkozy disarm France's nuclear war heads?
    He isn't sure the world was a stable and safe place.”
  80. What security measures need to be taken to assure the U.N that North Korea and Iran are not creating nuclear weapons?
    Inspectors needed in countries that will not allow them to secure the area from nuclear weapon building.
  81. What is the main solution to end China’s mistreating of people and why won’t it happen?
    U.N. needs to step in

    • U.N. won’t solve issue
    • China is one of the 5 Permanent Members with Veto Power
    • Too much conflict for other countries to help
    • If U.N. calls out China on their Human Rights, the UN couldn’t win
  82. What is Liu Xiaobo currently serving time in prison for?
    inciting subversion of state power
  83. What are the 3 main reasons Public Shaming still exists in China?
    • -Shaming is deeply rooted in China’s history from Communism
    • -Their culture has strong beliefs in public reputation so shaming is effective punishment
    • -Police are source of public mistrust, especially with false accusations
  84. What does China incorporate into their definition of human rights that other countries do not?
    Economic rights
  85. Why do some enterprises ignore the protection of workers’ rights?
    in order to maximize profits and minimize labor costs, with illegal unemployment and violations of employees’ legitimate rights being common.
  86. What phrase was added to the California constitution with the passing of Prop 8?
    “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California”
  87. Which section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 states , “No person … shall intimidate, threaten, or coerce … any person for voting or attempting to vote”?
    Section 11b
  88. What kind of warrant is required for a government official to place a wiretap on a U.S. citizen?
  89. What can the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions (EEOC) do to employers that discriminate against people of any race or religion?
    file lawsuits
  90. What were the reasons the female employees at Walmart felt oppressed?
    systematic discrimination regarding pay and promotion
  91. What is one of the reasons that many girls are dressed as boys in Afghanistan?
    • Boys are prized
    • Only men can own land
    • Women cannot hold very many jobs
  92. What are the effects of religion on women's rights?
    The religion is discriminatory as well

    -Women not able to practice rituals at the Western Wall.
  93. How are other countries helping women in Afghanistan?
    • United States Agency for International Development
    • —Providing jobs for women.
    • European Union
    • —build a gym in Kabul
    • —Women can take fitness classes or play badminton.
    • Italians
    • —Opened a restaurant in Kabul
    • —Allowing only Female pizza chefs to work.
  94. What are some of the reasons Jewish women of Israel are being attacked and arrested at Western wall?
    Challenging religious injustice
  95. How did the Islamic Revolution of 1979 hurt Women’s Rights in Iran?
    Bill would effectively repeal a previous bill that protected women
  96. What type of conflict are we looking at? And why is this a conflict?
    SOCIAL. It relates to matters of gender and inequality. It is also global since it involves all nations’
  97. Are the mass rapes in the Congo an example of political, economic, or social conflict?
    Can be considered a social, economic, and political conflict
  98. With the creation of a Global Police Force, what are key issues the U.N. hopes to focus on and reduce globally?
    violence related to gender and race.
  99. Why is this issue between the UN report and Rwanda seen as a social conflict?
    žTarnishing Rwanda’s name and their previous success against genocide in their own country

    The negative affects of UN Peacekeepers being pulled out of a country suffering from genocide (Sudan)
  100. What are the three reasons given in the article for the rise in violence in the Darfur region of Sudan?
    fitful peace talks, renewed tribal rivalries and overall tension in Africa’s largest nation as its south prepares for an independence referendum.
  101. Russia’s Gen. Aleksandr Zelin Deployed the S-300 missile to prevent what?
    violations of government borders.
  102. How do Russia’s leaders view its presence currently in Georgia?
    Russia says it was left with few choices when the Georgians began bombarding Tskhinvali – the capital of South Ossetia, where 9 in 10 residents carry a Russian passport.
  103. What is name of the regional alliance of former soviet republics?
    Collective Security Treaty Organization
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