Reading list Exam 1

  1. A Theology of the New Testament
    George Ladd
    Evaluated Paul's use of "spirit", "soul", "flesh", and "heart"
  2. The Social God & The Relational Self
    Stanly Grenz
    What is the image of God

    Imago Dei and the true human
  3. Created in God's Image
    Anthony Hoekema
    The image of god and how it relates to self-image

    We either think too highly of ourselves or to lowly of ourselves

    • --Conversion helps us renounce sinful pride
    • --Conversion helps us to have a right self-image
  4. Not The Way It Is Suppose To Be
    Cornelious Plantinga
    Sin vandelises shalom

    Sin is aperversion of how things were meant to be

    Sin is a parisite
  5. People of the Lie
    M. Scott Peck
    A pyschology of evil

    Diffenrence between evil and ordinary sin

    Evil want to be seen as good, which is why they are people of the lie.
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Reading list Exam 1
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