Government Exam 3

  1. What type of opinion does the supreme court have that goes contrary to the majority?
  2. Who was the only president never elected into office?
    Gerald Ford
  3. When does reaportionment take palce
    every year ending in two
  4. Who is the chief diplomat?
  5. What has to happen for a presidents treaty to go into effect?
    It has to be voted on in the senate
  6. What house of congress has proportional representation?
    House of Represenativess
  7. Who has the power to declare war?
  8. Wo can introduce a bill to congress?
    a member of congress
  9. When does general election day take place?
    the first tuesday that falls after a monday in november on even years
  10. WHo invented Gerrymandering?
    Elbridge Gerry
  11. how long do you have to be a US citizen to run for the senate?
  12. What is the only way to prevent a filibuster?
    Cloture rule
  13. What type of vote is one were the presiding officer calls for ays and neys?
    voice vote
  14. What has to happen for the president to use a pocket veto?
    the session must end in 10 days
  15. what was the name of the meeting were no buisness was done because only 5 states showed up?
    annapolis convention
  16. under the article how manny states do you have to have to win a vote?
  17. What are some weaknesses of the articles?
    • no taxation
    • no judicial or executive branch
  18. what was the grea decison during the constitutional convention?
    to get rid of the articles and write a constitution
  19. what plan favored big and small states and what was it called?
    The conticut plan /Great Compromise
  20. IN what type of government does the state gov. have more power than the federal gov?
  21. what was the first national constitution?
    articles of confederation
  22. what type of law is given by God in the holy scripture?
    revealed law
  23. who was the primary writter of te declaration of independenve?
    tomas jefferson
  24. Who is the father of modern conservatism?
    Edmond Burk
  25. who wanted to separate from the church in england
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