Volume 3 Chapter 7

  1. Urinary System
    The group of organs that produces urine, maintaing fluid and electrolyte balance for the body
  2. Urine
    The fluid made by the kidney and eliminated from the body
  3. Urea
    Waste derived from ammonia produced through protein metabolism
  4. Genitourinary System
    The male organ system that includes reproductive and urinary structures
  5. Nephrology
    The medical specialty dealing with the kidneys
  6. Urology
    The sugical specialty dealing with the urinary/genitourinary system
  7. Renal
    Pertaining to the kidneys
  8. Renal Calculi
    Kidney stones
  9. Benign Prostate Hypertrophy
    A noncancerous enlargement of the prostate associated with aging
  10. Preventative Strategy
    A management plan to minimize further damage to vital tissues
  11. Flanks
    The part of the back below the ribs and above the hip bones
  12. Kidney
    An organ that produces urine and performs other functions related to the urinary system
  13. Nephron
    A microscopic structure within the kidney that produces urine. About 1 million per kidney
  14. Hilum
    The notched part of the kidney where the ureter and other structures join kidney
  15. Cortex
    The outer tissue of an organ such as a kidney
  16. Medulla
    The inner tissue of an organ such as the kidney
  17. Pyramids
    The visible tissue structures within the medulla of the kidney
  18. Papilla
    The tip of a pyramid, juts into the hollow space of the kidney
  19. Renal Pelvis
    The hollow space of the kidney that junctions with a ureter
  20. Glomerulus
    A tuft of capillaries from which blood is filtered into a nephron
  21. Bowman's Capsule
    The hollow, cup-shaped first part of the nephron tubule. Water and substances enter through here
  22. Proximal Tubule
    The part of the tubule beyond bowman's capsule
  23. Decending Loop of Henle
    The part of the tubule beyond the proximal tubule
  24. Ascending Loop of Henle
    The part of the tuble beyond the Descending Loop of Henle
  25. Distal Tubule
    The part of the tubule beyond the ascending loop of henle
  26. Collecting Duct
    The larger structure beyond the distal tubule into which urine drips
  27. Glomerular Filtration
    The removal of water and other elements from blood in the nephron
  28. Reabsorption
    The movement of a substance from a nephron tubule back into the blood
  29. Secretion
    The movement of a substance from the blood into a nephron tubule
  30. Filtrate
    The fluid produced in Bowman's capsule by filtration of the blood
  31. Glomerular Filtration Rate
    The volume per day at which blood is filtered through capillaries of the glomerulus
  32. Simple Diffusion
    The random motion of molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of lower concentration
  33. Osmosis
    The diffusion pattern of water in which molecules move to equalize concentrations on both sides of a membrane
  34. Osmolarity
    The measure of a substance's concentration in water
  35. Hyperosmolar
    A solution that has a concentration of a substance greater than that of a second solution
  36. Hypo-osmolar
    A solution that has concentration of the substance lower that that of a second solution
  37. Facillitated Diffusion
    A form of molecular diffusion in which a molecule-specific carrier in a cell membrane speeds the molecule's movement from a region of higher concentration to one of lower concentration
  38. Active Transport
    Movement of a molecule through a cell membrane from a region of lower concentration to a region of higher concentration. Requires energy
  39. Diuresis
    Formation and passage of a dilute urine, decreasing blood volume
  40. Antidiuresis
    Formation and passage of a concentrated urine, preserving blood volume
  41. Osmotic Diuresis
    Greatly increased urination and dehydration that results when high levels of glucose cannot be reabsorbed into the blood from the kidney tubules and the osmotic pressure of the glucose in the bubules also prevents water reabsorption
  42. Creatinine
    A waste product caused by metabolism within muscle cells
  43. Renin
    An enzyme produced by the kidneys that plays a key role in controlling arterial blood pressure
  44. Erythropoietin
    A hormone produced by the kidneys that stimulates maturation of red blood cells
  45. Ureter
    A duct that carries urine from kidney to urinary bladder
  46. Urinary Bladder
    The muscular organ that stores urine before its elimation from the body
  47. Urethra
    The duct that carries urine from the bladder out of the body. In men, it also carries sperm.
  48. Testes
    Male sex organs
  49. Sperm Cell
    Male reproductive cell
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