Semester 1 Vocab Words

  1. Consternation
    Fear from awareness of danger
  2. Deigning
    To do something below ones dignity
  3. Foible
    A distinctive or odd behavior, minor flaw
  4. Droll
    Comical in an odd way
  5. Procure
    To acquire by special effort or arrange partners for others
  6. Languor
    Lack of energy or interest, inactivity
  7. Tacit
    Implied or inferred from actions; not by speech
  8. Insidious
    Inteded to entrap, spreading in a hidden or injurious way, harmful but enticing
  9. Entreaty
    An earnest or urgent request
  10. Propensity
    A natural inclination, a disposition to behave a certain way
  11. Capricious
    Changeable, determined by a whim rather than necessity or reason, impulsive, unpredictable
  12. Sardonically
    In a sarcastic manner, disdainfully or skeptically humorous
  13. Alacrity
    Liveliness, eagerness, cheerful readiness
  14. Sojourn
    A temporary stay, to stay a certain length of time
  15. Latent
    Not presently active, not yet evident
  16. Adulate
    To flatter in an obsequious manner
  17. Stoic
    Indifferent to emotions (esp. pleasure or pain)
  18. Misanthrope
    Someone who dislikes people in general, someone who hates or distrusts humankind
  19. Acquiesce
    To agree, to accept, to comply, to submit tacitly
  20. Dearth
    An insufficient quantity or number
  21. Dissuade
    To turn away from by persuasion, to advise against something
  22. Insular
    Characteristic of isolation, narrowly restricted in outlook (like an isolated life on an island)
  23. Antipathy
    A feeling of intense dislike, settled aversion or dislike
  24. Voluble
    Marked by a ready flow of speech, easily rolling or turning
  25. Estrange
    To arouse hostility where there used to be love, to remove from the customary environment
  26. Bombast
    Pompous or pretentions talk or writing
  27. Palpable
    Easily perceptible, capable of being touched or felt, tangible, noticeable
  28. Beguile
    To attract or influence by slyness, to lead by deception
  29. Egregious
    Conspicuously or outrageously bad
  30. Clamor
    Loud, harsh, strident, or persistent noise
  31. Ruminate
    To reflect upon deeply
  32. Castigation
    Verbal punishment, scolding, severe punishment, criticism
  33. Expostulate
    To reason with someone in order to dissuade them
  34. Garner
    To assemble, to get together, to acquire by effort
  35. Odious
    Unequivocally detestable, deserving of hatred
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