Government exam

  1. Who proposed the albany plan for uniting the colonies?
    Benjamin Franklin
  2. Who was the leading English evangalist during the great awekening?
    George Whitfeild
  3. What do you call the form of socialism in which all the power is vested in a dictator in a single political party?
  4. With whom did the origin of government begin?
  5. What was the local unit of government in the southern colonies?
  6. what colonie had a unicameral legislature?
  7. What english king was forced to sign the magna charta?
    King John
  8. What type of government is one in which the majority rules?
  9. Who is the father of the constitution?
    James MAdison
  10. Who are the three writters of the federalist papers?
    • John Jay
    • James Madison
    • Alexander Hamilton
  11. What plan at the constitutional covention favored the small states?
    New Jersey plan
  12. What is the division of power between the national government and the state?
  13. What is the separation of powers
    The separation of branches
  14. Who literaly wrote the constitution?
    Governuer Morris
  15. What was the name of the meeting thatsettled the difference over navigation on the plotomic river?
    Mt. Vernon confrence
  16. What plan at the constitutional covention introduced a bicameral legislature based upon a states population?
    Virginia Plan
  17. What law provided for the settling of land in the northwest territories?
    land ordinance
  18. WHat was the seris of laws passed to punish the people of boston for the tea party?
    intolerable acts
  19. What was the only colonie that didn't send a delegate to the first continental congress?
  20. Who was the first president impeached by congress?
    Andrew Johnson
  21. Who suggested that the constitutional convention should be begin each day in prayer?
    Benjamin Franklin
  22. What is it called when the state legistlature draws district boundaries to favor their party
  23. what lawprovided the paying of government for the northwest territories?
    Northwest ordinance
  24. what is the benefit where members of congress aren't charged on their postage?
    Franking Privledge
  25. What is the counting of the people in a specific area
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