1. The north polar axis always points toward the ______
    North star
  2. An equinox occurs when the most direct rays of the sun are striking the earth at the ________
  3. The layer of gases that surrounds the earth is the __________
  4. The position of a place in relation to other places is _________ ________
    Relative location
  5. The time when the Earth's axis points at its greatest angle toward or away from the sun is called a ________
  6. All the water found in the oceans, on the land, and in the atmosphere is called the_________
  7. The rocky surface of the planet that forms continents and the ocean floor is the _________
  8. Winds that blow in fairly constant patterns
    Prevailing winds
  9. The prevailing winds in the low latitudes
    Trade winds
  10. Moisture that falls to the earth
  11. A elevation increases.....
    Temperatures decrease
  12. Plains along the coasts of continents
    Coastal plains
  13. Plains located away form the coasts of continents
    Interior plains
  14. A group of islands
  15. The prevailing winds in the belts between 30 degrees N and 60 degrees N latitude and between 30 degrees S and 60 degrees S latitude
  16. A frequently windless area
  17. The dry area on the leeward side of a mountain
    Rain shadow
  18. The process by which water is changed from a liquid to a gas
  19. Height aboce sea level
  20. The amount of water vapor in the air
  21. The doldrums are regions along the equator that are subject to
    No prevailing winds
  22. Most of the sun's energy is absorbed by
  23. Air can hold more water vapor when it is
  24. Most winds in the US carry weather patterns and storms from....
    West to East
  25. Distance north and southe of the equator is measured in degrees of
  26. Another name for 0 degrees longitude is
    Prime Meridian
  27. When it is 12 noon where you are, it is 11 AM on time zone to the
  28. A map that shows national borders, state and provincial boundaries, capitals, and major cities is a
    Political Map
  29. When it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere, in the Northern Hemisphere it is
  30. How does the elevation of a place influence its climate
    The higher the elevation the colder the climate is. the lowere the elevation the warmer the climate is
  31. What is permafrost and where is it found?
    Permafrost is the freezing wather below the tundra
  32. Five causes of rock weathering:
    • -Chemicals in the water and air
    • -Forest Fire
    • -When water passes through and freezes (ice)
    • -Tree roots can pry a rock apart
    • -Heat
  33. A trench is...
    A long valley on the ocean floor
  34. A large, flat area on the ocean's floor is called
    An abyssal plain
  35. Elevation is measured from
    Sea level
  36. A graph that shows both temperature and rainfall is called a
  37. Low-latitude areas near the equator
  38. Climate that is a transition area between arid deserts and more humid climates
  39. Melted liquid rock under the earth's surface
  40. The revolution of the earth around the sun causes...
    The seasons
  41. Aquifers store and release..
    Ground water
  42. Large mountains, such as the Andes in South America, are created when two of the earth's plates...
  43. Secondary landforms are created by
  44. Distance north and south of the equator is measured in degrees of...
  45. Distance east or west of the Prime Meridian is measured in degrees of...
  46. A map that shows how the land looks is called a....
    Physical Map
  47. A land-use map is an example of a...
    Special purpose map
  48. Direction, distance, shape, and size can all be shown correctly at the same time only on a...
  49. A low region surrounded by higher land
  50. A large stream of water that flows into a larger body of water
  51. A natural elevation smaller than a mountain
  52. A body of water that is completely surrounded by land
  53. Lines of latitude are called
  54. 0 degrees latitude is called the...
  55. Lines of longitude are called...
  56. What is used on a map to measure distance?
  57. A spherical map of the earth is called a...
  58. Super continent?
  59. A forest that looses its leaves during a certain season each year
    Decidious forest
  60. Five basic biomes of the world:
    • Forests
    • Savanna
    • Grassland
    • Desert
    • Tundra
  61. What are the barren regions?
    Polar regions with no life
  62. A new idea that is accepted into a culture..
  63. A process by which an innovation or another culture trait spreads from one culture to another
  64. Process by which one culture changes a great deal through its meeting with another culture
  65. Raising animals and planting crops
  66. Feeling pride and loyalty for one's country
  67. A movement that stresses the strict following of basic traditional principles
  68. A government in which a few people control the gov't decisions
    Totalitarian Government
  69. Industrialization led to an increase in
  70. Most of the food grown in the US is grown by...
    Commercial farmers
  71. Four stages of land use:
    • Hunting and Gathering
    • Agriculture
    • Urbanization
    • Industrialization
  72. Five causes of conflicts between cultures:
    • Religion
    • Nationalism
    • Politics
    • Values
    • Economics
  73. A limit on the amount of a particular good that can be imported
  74. Someone who moves into a country
  75. Someone who moves out of a country
  76. Type of economy in which consumers determine what is bought or sold..
    Free Market
  77. Type of economy in which the gov't determines what is produced..
  78. The study of statistical characteristics of the human population
  79. Japan, Canada, and Great Britain are all examples of...
    Developed countries
  80. A poor country can improve its economy if it...
    Has abundant natural resources and invests in education and infrastructure
  81. A country's GDP measures the value of...
    All goods and services produced within a country
  82. The clearing of forests
  83. Energy sources formed from remains of prehistoric animals
    Fossil fuels
  84. The removal of salt from seawater
  85. Oil, coal, and uranium are all example of...
    Non-renewable resources
  86. Soil salinization can be caused by...
  87. The ozone layer protects life beneath it by...
    Filtering out ultraviolet radiation
  88. The greenhouse effect might be caused in part by....
    Burning coal
  89. What are four renewable sources of energy?
    Hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, sun, wind power
  90. What causes acid rain?
    Acids released by industrial smoke stacks combine with water vapor in the atmosphere
  91. A landform region of high and rugged mountain ranges in the western US
    Rocky Mountains
  92. Landform region that has a rolling plateau at the foot of a mountain range
  93. Landform region of low, smooth mountains in the eastern US
    Appalachian mountains
  94. Landform region along the western edge of the US
    Pacific coast
  95. The warm ocean current that moves tropical water northward
    Gulf stream
  96. A land area near the ocean
  97. Steep mountains, deep canyons, and high plateaus are common throughout the...
    Western US
  98. The coastal plain extends along the...
    Atlantic Ocean
  99. What climate can not be found in the US?
  100. The densest settlement of the early years of the US was along....
    The Eastern seaboard
  101. One-third of the land in the US is..
  102. An administrative unit of the city..
  103. One source of future economic growth in New England will be...
    A high technology industry
  104. Key natural resource of the Middle Atlantic states..
  105. The growth of most cities in the Megalopolis was originally due to..
    A coastal location
  106. A series of waterfalls and rapids formed where hard rock meets softer rock
    Fall line
  107. Four benifits that the Southern US recieve from rivers:
    • Mean of transportation
    • Floods are a source of fertile new soil
    • Hydroelectricity
    • Irrigation
  108. Two traditional crops of the Southern US
    Cotton and Tobacco
  109. The largest city in Georgia
  110. The largest city and center of oil production
  111. Port city located near the mouth of the Mississippi River
    New Orleans
  112. Rapidly growing bilingual city in South Central Texas
    San Antonio
  113. Major City on the Southeastern coast of Florida
  114. A small, sluggish stream in a swamp
  115. A long, narrow sandy island
    Barrier island
  116. A ridge of earth along a river bank that stops flooding
  117. To produce of a variety of goods
  118. A part of a waterway enclosed by gates, and used to raise or lower boats
  119. The great lakes
    Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, Lake Erie
  120. Three main tributaries of the Mississippi River
    • Ohio
    • Missouri
    • Illinois
  121. Farmers keep soil productive in several ways
    Crop rotation and fertilizers
  122. A new crop grown in the corn belt
  123. Problems have recently confronted dairy farms due to several factors
    • Large surpluses
    • Low prices
    • Changing American diet
  124. What factor has not hurt industry in the Midwest?
    Attempts at redevelopment
  125. A regional issue for the Midwest..
  126. The crust of the rocky mountains that divides the major river systems of North America
    Continental divide
  127. The elevation above which trees cannot grow
    Tree line
  128. What state contains crater lake?
  129. What is Alaska's important natural resource?
  130. Original settlers of Hawaii?
  131. A large depression formed after a major eruption and collapse of a volcanic mountain
  132. Two of the most important resources in Washington and Oregon
    Fish and forests
  133. First to inhabit Alaska?
  134. The area where the inuit live
  135. important raw material used in manufacturing fertalizers
  136. one of the worlds best fishing grounds
    grand banks
  137. what province has the strongest influence from the french
  138. that mountain range is in the western part of canada
    the rocky mountain range that connects the costal plains and the alaska mountains
  139. what is the major crop of the prairie provinces
  140. canadian shield
    semicircle band of rocky uplandsand plateaus around the hudson bay
  141. appalacian mountains
    rise in sotheastern quebec and in the maritime province
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