voc science

  1. population
    a group of the same type of living creatures that live in the same place at the same time
  2. community
    all populations of organisms living in an ecosystem.
  3. exosystem
    the living and nonliving things in the environment
  4. havitat
    the place where a population lives in a ecosystem.
  5. environment
    living things and objects that surround a living thing
  6. peak
    the hard part and outside of the mouths of birds
  7. sticks
    very small branches of a tree or a bush
  8. material
    which is used to do something
  9. platform
    high soil surface where you place people or things
  10. tons
    weight unit of measure equal to 2,000 pounds
  11. hunting (jackets??)
    about chasing other animals to eat
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