Day 7 Psyc432

  1. Describe the function of working memory.
    • -Store info while we are working on it
    • -Build syntatic structure
    • -Retrieve words
    • -Make interpretations
  2. Describe the function of long term memory.
    • -Store knowledge
    • -Grammatical rules
    • -Words
    • -Semantics (meaning)
  3. Describe the architechture of Baddeley's Model of Working Memory
    • The Central Executive broken down into...
    • 1. Phonological Loop- holds speech based info
    • 2. Visual- spatial sketchpad- holds mental images of visual and spatial information.
  4. Describe the capacity of working memory.
    • -Holds about 7 digits at one time
    • - limited
    • -hard to process info if it's difficult or if there is a lot of it.
  5. What does processing time tell us?
    • -What information is used during processing
    • -Structure of knowledge
  6. What is spreading of activation?
    activation in one node can spread to other nodes.
  7. Describe the differences between automatic procces and controlled process.
    Automatic process is when a stimulus automatically retrives information. It is uncontrolled and tends to be faster. Controlled process is when we use cognitive control and tends to be slower.
  8. Who is Neely?
    Researcher who did experiment illustrating that spreading of activation is automatic. (1977)
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