Doctrine of God

  1. 2 reasons to study to study Biblical Doctrine
    • Studying theology overcome wrong ideas
    • You grow spiritually. As we come to know Him more fully, we grow our relationship (trust / obey)
  2. 5 communicable attributes (attributes that God does NOT share with anyone)
    • Independence (He is self-sufficient - Acts 17)
    • Unchangeable (He keeps promises - Malachi 3)
    • Eternity (He is the end and the beginning - Psalm 90)
    • Omnipresence (He is bigger / everywhere - 1 Kings 8)
    • Unity (He has manyu attributes but is One)
  3. 3 Differences between People & God
    We are physical (limited by body, time knowledge) -BUT He speaks our language and became human through Jesus Christ
  4. 3 Differences between People & God
    We sin (sin blocks our relationship) - BUT He forgives us and He helps us to overcome sin
  5. 3 Differences between People & God
    We are spiritual babies (we have to learn what life is) BUT He gives us wisdom / direction
  6. Trinity - God is 3
    • The Father sends the Son into the World
    • The Son prays to the Father
    • The HS intercedes before the Father for us
    • John 1v1 & 17v24
  7. Trinity - God is Fully God
    • God is sovereign (Genesis 1v1)
    • The Son is sovereign (John 1v1)
    • The HS is omnipresence (John 3v5)
  8. Trinity - There is only 1 God
    There is only One God to be worshipped - Isaiah 45v4-5
  9. How do we know that God exist?
    • Inner sense
    • - Our ability to worship God pressuposes God (Acts 17v23)
    • - Jesus Christr reveals God to us (John 14v6-9)
  10. How do we know that God exist?
    • Inner build knowledge
    • - Through Creation (Genesis 1v27)
    • - Through Nature (Romans 1v19-23)
  11. Traditional arguments for God
    • Cosmological - Everything in the universe has a cause, therefore the universe has a cause which leads only to God
    • Teleological - Intelligent purpose (design) of the universe pressupposes an intelligent Creator
    • Ontological - We know that God exist by thinking of Him
    • Moral - There is a source of our sense of right and wrong
  12. What is revelation?
    Making divine information acknowledged which has been partly or completely hidden or unknown.
  13. 2 scriptures which indicate that a person has an
    inbuilt inner sense of God
    God is not trying to prve himself

    • Acts 17v23 (Human ability to worship)
    • John 14v6-9 (Jesus Christ reveals God to us)
  14. Providence of God
    (God's activity in the world)
    • Preservation (He maintains earth - by scientific laws) Collosians 1v17
    • Agreement (He uses his creation for what it was created to do) Psalm 148v8
    • Directs (He directs everything to fulfill its/his purpose) Genesis 37
  15. Can we fully understand God?
    • Because he's infinite and we are limited we can never fully understand him.
    • (Psalm 145v3)
    • (Psalm 147v5)
    • (Psalm 139v6)
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