Bobtail Tow Vehicle

  1. What type of transmission are the Bobtail Tow Tractors?
  2. Depending on the manufacturer, what type of engine could the Bobtail Tractor have?
    • Mostly diesel
    • Sometimes gasoline
  3. What briefly heats the air within the chamber?
    Glow Plug
  4. What is the glow plug used for?
    To help maintain ignition at startup when the engine is cold.
  5. How are glow plugs operated?
    Manually or automatically
  6. Before starting a cold engine, what must you wait for before engaging the starter?
    Glow plug light to turn off
  7. What does the modified chassis do?
    Help the bobtail to achieve smaller wheelbase, giving it a shorter turning radius.
  8. What causes the front of the bobtail to be extremely light?
    The modified chassis
  9. Why is weight added to the rear deck of the Bobtail?
    For stability and traction
  10. What does the rear deck consist of? (5)
    • ballast box
    • rear fender
    • toolbox
    • pintle hook
    • external fuel tank
  11. What does the pintle hook provide?
    ability for a one-person secure of the trailer to the towing vehicle with ease and no need for perfect parking alignment.
  12. When backing up, the hitch is only required to be close to the what?
    Tongue or drawbar
  13. What is the hitch capable of doing?
    • Extending
    • swinging on a 90-degree arc
  14. All three bobtail types have a maximum towing capacity of what?
    40,000 lbs
  15. What do you check for more information on the bobtail?
    The item T.O. and/or owner's manual
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