1. Range and transposition Horn
    A2-G5, P5 lower
  2. Range and transposition Trumpet
    F#3-Bb5, M2 lower
  3. Range and transposition Tenor Trombone
    F2-Bb4, as written
  4. Range and transposition Bass Trombone
    C2-F4, as written
  5. Range and transposition Tuba
    F1-A3, as written (F1-F2 written 8vb)
  6. Guitar
    E3-E6, 8ve lower
  7. Mandolin
    G3-E6, as written
  8. The range and transposition of a 5-octave marimba.
    c2.- e5
  9. The range and transposition of a glockenspiel (orchestra bells).
    Sounds 2 octaves higher, g3-c6
  10. Range and transposition of the harp, four-octave celesta and piano.
    • Cb 1 – g#7
    • Celesta sounds 8va higher C3- C7
    • A0 – C8
  11. Ranges and transpositions: Flute
    C4-D7, D4-Bb6, no transposition
  12. Ranges and transpositions: Piccolo
    D4-C7, G4-A6, sounding an octave higher
  13. Ranges and transpositions: Oboe
    Bb3-A6, C4-D6, no transposition
  14. Ranges and transpositions: Bb Clarinet
    E3-C7, E3-G6, sounding M2 lower
  15. Ranges and transpositions: Bassoon
    Bb1-Eb5, Bb1-Bb4, no transposition
  16. Ranges and transpositions: Tenor Saxophone
    Bb3-F6, sounding M9 lower
  17. Ranges and transpositions: Alto Saxophone
    Bb3-F6, sounding M6 lower
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