Day 5 and 6

  1. What is syntax?
    Rules that determine grammatic acceptability
  2. Acceptability of grammar≠ Acceptability of meaning
    Idea that something doesn't have to make sense for it to be grammatically acceptable.
  3. What determines a good rule?
    Good rules are simple and complete.
  4. What are denominal verbs?
    Verbs formed from nouns
  5. How do rules work?
    • 1. They lead to hierarchial arrangement. (from morphemes to sentences)
    • 2. They are recursive. (
    • 3. They distinguish between ambiguity in word order.
  6. Describe mass nouns and count nouns.
    • A mass noun is defined by a unit of something (a piece of paper, a jar of jam)
    • A count noun is defined by just a number ( 3 pizza, 2 hands)
  7. What are the problems involved with learning language?
    Speech perception, word learning, and syntax acquistion
  8. What is voiced onset time?
    Measures time between start of phoneme and use of vocal chords.
  9. Motor Theory?
    The proposal that claims that temporary holding of information is handled by a short-term store and that more permanent storages is handled by a long term store.
  10. What are the 3 parts of domain specific accounts?
    • 1. Whole object- label refers to whole object not parts
    • 2. Taxonomic-Label refers to categories, not individuals
    • 3. Mutual exclusivity- Different labels refer to different categories
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Day 5 and 6
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