Pharm Law 5

  1. Antitrust laws
    intended to protect free trade from acts of buisnesses acting indivdiaully or together to unreasonably restrain trade.
  2. Sherman Act
    • Section 1: outlaws felony: every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade
    • US supreme court: only thos contracts or agreements that unreasonably restrain trade.
  3. Sherman Act 2
    • unlawful for company to monopolize or attempt to monopolize trade or commerce
    • it is no illegal to have a monopoly or to try to achieve a monopoly positiion
    • it IS ilegal to maintain or acquire a monopoly position through unreasonable methods.
  4. Southeast colorado pharmcaal association
    boycott/ price fixing.
  5. abbott lab and genva pharmaceuticals
    unreasonable methods are illegal
  6. Section 5 of FTC act
    outlaws unfair methods of competition but does not define unfair.
  7. Section 7 of the Clayton act
    prohibits mergers and acquisitions that may substanitally to lessen competition or to tend to create a monopoly.
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