Scope of Practice

  1. What is the function of the BNE?
    Design and administer exam;

    Issue the licenses to those who have passed;

    Influenced nursing curricula & determinedd the length of time students spent on theory courses and practices;

    Today is known as the SBNE

    Governor or legislature appoints the members;
  2. Today's Board of Nursing Examinors are enpowered to supervise what?
    • Licensure;
    • discipline;
    • education;
    • practice;
    • describe what activities can be delegated, but overseen by the nurse
  3. Who delegates the licensure of foreign nurses?
    State Board of Nursing
  4. Who writes the standards for education?
    Board of Nursing
  5. What does the State Board of Nursing define?
    APN practice

    Basic nursing practice

    What a nurse can delegate to whom
  6. What is the Council for the State Board of Nursing?
    Umbrella organization which delegates from each state that forms as decision making group for licensure
  7. What does the ANA provide?
    Guidelines for professional performance.
  8. Who was the lady with the lamp?
    Florence Nightengale
  9. Who was the nurse who was known as the reformer?
    Florence Nightengale
  10. This nursee looked to legislation to resolve social and health problems?
    Lillian Wald
  11. This nurse established the Henry Street Development for the poor and immigrants?
    Lillian Wald
  12. This nurse organized the first community nurse services?
    Lillian Wald
  13. This nurse is known as the great humitarian?
    Lillian Wald
  14. This nurse supported education for the mentally challenged?
    Lillian Wald
  15. This nurse changed child labor laws?
    Lillian Wald
  16. This nurse was forcefull in advocating for the college education of nurses?
    Isabel Stewart
  17. This nurse is known as Miss Curriculum?
    Isabel Stewart
  18. This nurse said that nurses in their 40's were more self reliant and better critical thinkers?
    Isabel Stewart
  19. This nurse developed program to train teachers?
    Isabel Stewart
  20. This nurse was an early advocate for nursing research?
    Isabel Stewart
  21. This nurse was known as elegant and diplomatic?
    Isabel Stewart
  22. This nurse refined nursing as an art and a science?
    Isabel Stewart
  23. This nurse was the first practicing epidemologist?
  24. This nurse established the first ADN?
    Mildred Montag
  25. This organization developed graduate nursing education?
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