civics study guide part two

  1. community planners use local _____ rules to divide a community into specific areas.
  2. what is the term that means no affiliated with a political party?
    independent party
  3. what is the election in which voters decide which of the candidates within a party will represent the party in general election?
    direct primary
  4. _____is a meeting of the delegates of a political party for the purpose of writing of the platform and choosing candidates for office.
    in convention
  5. ______ballots are submitted for an election by a voter who is not able to be present at the polls.
    by mail or absentee
  6. what do local governments spend the most money on?
    construction of schools and highways
  7. what is the process of returning a fugitive to the state where a crime was committed?
  8. what is the term that means assigned only to the national government?
    reserved power
  9. what is a formal declaration of the principles and policies of a political party?
    political platform
  10. what is the ballot cast by a person who votes for candidates from more than one party?
    split-ticket voting
  11. what is the term for something done or said in a previous court case that serves as an example for a future court decision?
  12. what is the act of a court that commands a person to stop doing something or to keep doing something?
  13. what is the term for the act of breaking the law to express disagreement with the law?
    civil disobedience
  14. what is the term for a formal accusation that leads to a trial?
  15. what is the word for a pre-trial appearance during which an accused person answers formal charges against him or her with a plea of guilty?
  16. what is the name for a person who files legal action or claim in a civil court?
  17. what is the word for being paid back for a loss?
  18. what term means to make an agreement in which a defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge and the prosecutor, in return, drops the more serious charge?
  19. what is the function of a prosecutor?
    they work for the government and want to prove the person is guilty of what they did.
  20. what is a felony?
    a very serious crime
  21. what type of law makes certain behaviors illegal and punishable by fines or imprisonment?
    criminal law
  22. what type of law is written by the federal, state, or local government, usually dealing with private property?
  23. what type of law is written and enforced by administrative agencies of the government?
  24. magna carta
    great charter forced upon king john of england by his farms in 1215. established that power of the monarchy was not guaranteed. trial by jury and due process law
  25. virginia plan
    called for a three branch government with a bicameral legislature, proposed by large states
  26. new jersey plan
    alternative to virginia plan where each state is officially represented
  27. great compromise
    when small states wanted equal representation but large states wanted it to be based on population
  28. shay's rebellion
    lead by property holders and small farmers
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civics study guide part two
civics study guide part two