1. "Imagery and the Research Paper:"

    When writing an essay or research paper where does the thesis go?
    at the end of your first paragraph and at the beginning of your conclusion paragraph
  2. "The River Merchant's Wife... "

    The image of the wife pulling flowers as a child is meant to express
    that she is mischievious
  3. "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

    Prufrock's view of himself
    is unable to take risks
  4. When Prufrock says, I am not Hamlet, nor was meant to be;/am an attendant lord..."
    He meant that he was not hero, but just a minor character on the stage of his own life
  5. Prufrock's dramatic monologue enables the reader to
    following the stream of Prufrock's rambling thoughts
  6. Like all dramatic monologues, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"
    Is told in the first person
  7. "The Red Wheelbarrow..."

    William's poems can be called imagist
    because they give imagery primary importance
  8. To describe the images in The Red Wheelbarrow
    Williams uses colors and simple language
  9. The images in the great figure primarily appeal to readers' senses of
    sight and hearing
  10. The Red Wheelbarrow depicts
    a realistic scene
  11. The Speaker in the Red Wheelbarrow emphasizes the importance of
    ordinary things
  12. The poem The Great Figure creates an overall impression of
    dramatic action
  13. The main images in This is Just to say are ones of
    sweetness and cold
  14. This is Just to Say is mainly about
    The wonder of everyday things
  15. William Carlos Williams's poems can best be described as
    deceptively simple
  16. "Soldier's Home"

    Wartime combat can be so devastating that it changes one completely
    is the best theme of Soldier's Home
  17. Krebs can best be described as
    a person who has lost his goals and the energy to pursue them
  18. When he returns home
    Krebs finds that he must lie to be listened to
  19. In his 1954 Nobel Prize acceptance speech Hemingway expresses both an awareness of great writers who came before him and a need to exceed their accomplishments. In Soldier's home he succeeded by writing one of the
    first real descriptions of postwar disillusionment
  20. What traits mark Krebs as an antihero rather than a hero?
    He is dissillusioned and has lost a sense of purpose
  21. "Winter Dreams"

    What is Dexter's motivation for pursuing Judy?
    He sees her as a symbol of "the best"
  22. Dexter Green can best be described as
    ambitious and full of desires
  23. Judy Jones can be described as
    confident and condescending
  24. What happens to Dexter and Judy's engagement?
    Judy breaks off the engagement
  25. What is Dexter's eventual attitude toward Judy's flirtations with men?
    He does not condemn Judy for her flirtations
  26. At the end of the story, Winter Dreams, tears stream down Dexter's face because
    he is mourning the loss of a dream or ideal
  27. "A Rose for Emily "

    The emotions a reader might be expected to feel toward Emily include
    pity and horror
  28. After her father dies
    Emily refuses to acknowledge his death
  29. The strand go gray hair discovered at the end of the story implies
    that Emily has lain beside the skeleton
  30. To influence the development of her character
    Emily's father drives off suitors and prevents her from marrying
  31. Which of Homer Barron's actions of enraging her be rejecting Emily has the greatest effect
    the development of Emily's character
  32. "The Feather Pillow"

    At the beginning of The Feather Pillow what give the young bride hot and cold shivers
    her honeymoon
  33. The doctors are unable to find out
    what is wrong with Alicia
  34. In the depths of her illness
    Alicia imagines she sees her husband trying to kill her
  35. What causes Alicia's death
    a horrible little creature
  36. What does the feather pillow have to do with Alicia's death?
    in the feathers lives a parasite that sucks Alicia's blood
  37. One gothic theme that can be found in both The Feather Pillow and A Rose for Emily
    is the house with the secret evil
  38. Then her sobs subsided and she stood a long while her face hidden in the hollow of his neck not moving or speaking a word
    helps you predict the outcome of this story
  39. "Knowing the Items About the Modern Era of Writing:"

    Until the beginning of the twentieth century all the following attitudes were a part of the American Dream
    belief in the United States as a new Eden with limitless resources, trust in the ultimate triumph of any self-reliant individual and faith in the country;s progress toward prosperity
  40. In the period after World War I American writers began to
    grow cynical about traditional authority and values
  41. The modernist movement challenged American writers to
    find new themes, styles and subjects
  42. American modernists created a literature that
    reflected a variety of American voices
  43. According to the imagists, what aspect of a poem should carry the meaning and emotions?
    sensory images
  44. "A Worn Path"

    On her journey
    Phoneix comes upon a hunter and his dog
  45. Throughout her journey
    Phoenix is determined to keep going
  46. The main theme of a Worn Path can be be expressed
    as strong devotion helps people continue on a difficult journey
  47. One theme of this story can best be compared to a particular archetype of the journey
    which might be characterized as a long trail with obstacles and challanges
  48. "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall"

    Granny Weatherall's life can best be described
    as long years of hard work on a homestead
  49. Granny Weatherall's attitude can best be described
    as resolute and determined
  50. The story is told from the point of view
    of Ellen Weatherall
  51. Katherine Anne Porter uses the stream-of-consciousness technique to allow the reader to
    get inside Granny's head
  52. Porter's use of stream of consciousness allows the reader to
    contrast Granny Weatherall's thoughts and reality
  53. A passage in the story that could only be part to the stream of consciousness is
    So my dear Lord, this is my death and I wasn't even thinking about it
  54. "Ethan Frome"

    The narrator fails to learn the whole story of Ethan Frome from the people in Starkfield because
    It is too painful to remember
  55. The main reason that Ethan decides to let Mattie go is that Mattie
    keeps Ethan from caring for the farm and mill
  56. Harmon Gow calls Ethan one of the Smart Ones because Ethan
    seeks larger meanings under the surface of things
  57. Ethan decised that he cannot run off with Mattie after all because
    he can't afford it
  58. Ethan spends a period of his life in almost total silence because
    his mother is too sickly to speak
  59. Symbolic meanings may be seen in
    the pickle dish and the missing "L" of Ethan's farmhouse
  60. Mrs. Hale's comment, "You've had an awful mean time Ethan Frome."
    helps Ethan to make peace with Zeena
  61. Ethan defies Zeena when he
    spends the night in his study
  62. Ethan asked Zeena to Marry him principally because he
    Can't face being left alone on the farm
  63. Ethan leads a sad life because that comes to an unhappy end largely due to
    bad decisions
  64. When Ethan tells Mattie to "Come Along" he
    is showing his jealousy of Dennis Eady
  65. Mattie does not realize the Ethan loves her because
    he is married
  66. Ethan feels it is necessary to lie to Zeena about
    collecting money from Mr. Hale
  67. Allusions to death and dying occur throughout the novel because
    winter is lifeless
  68. What Ethan likes best about his evening with Mattie is
    pretending to be married to her
  69. Ethan suspects that Zeena went to Bettsbridge
    as part of a scheme to get rid of Mattie, to prove to him that she was very sick and to lay a trap for Mattie and him
  70. Seeing Ruth and Ned kissing under the spruces
    makes Ethan envious of their happiness
  71. Ethan realizes that he will never leave Starkfield after
    he marries Zeena
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