Social Studies Chapter 3

  1. How did native people first come to North America ?
    Hunters used the land bridge to come from Asia to North America about 40,000 years ago
  2. About how many years ago did people start farming in the New York area ?
    More than 1,000 years ago early New Yorkers started farming.
  3. What were the 3 sisters or most important crops ?
    The Iroquois main crops were corn, beans, and squash.
  4. Where did the Iroquois tribe live ?
    Central and Western New York
  5. Name the original 5 tribes of the League of the Confederacy.
    • 1. Cayuga
    • 2. Mohawk
    • 3. Oneida
    • 4. Onondaga
    • 5. Seneca
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Social Studies Chapter 3
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