Bio 5.1-5.2

  1. Population
    Three important characteristics of a population are its geographic distributions, density and growth rate
  2. Population denstity
    number of indiciduals per unit area
  3. Population Growth
    Three factors can affect population size: the number of births, death rate and number of individuals who leave and enter the population.
  4. Exponential growth
    • occurs when the indiiiduals in a population reproduce at a constant rate
    • in the prescence of unlimited resourced, a population will grow exponentially.
  5. Carrying capacity
    • The largest number of individuals that a environment can support.
    • As resources become less available, the growth of a population slows or stops.
  6. Limiting factor
    is a gactor that causes a population growth to decrease,
  7. density dependent factor
    • depends on population size
    • competition: with one another for food and necesities
    • Predation: as a predator's population decreases, the prey's the predator's population increasem the prey's decreases
    • Parastism and disease: kill and decrease a population
  8. Density-independent factors
    • regardless of population size
    • Human Disturbances: have cause disasters (greenhouse)
    • Climate Extremes: extremes of cold or hot can toll on a population. They can also affect the population of the consumers within the food web and affect other consumers
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