Author Cards B.B.

  1. Clarence Darrow
    Why I Am an Agnostic
  2. Virginia Woolf
    The Patron and the Crocus
  3. James Agee
    Comedy's Greatest Era
  4. William Stafford
    A Way of Writing
  5. Arthur Miller
    Tragedy and the Common Man
  6. Eric Bentley
    To Impersonate, to Watch, and to Be Watched
  7. Richard Selzer
    Why a Surgeon Would Write
  8. John Locke
    Some Thoughts Concerning Education
  9. Ralph Waldo Emerson
    from: Conservation and Liberalism
  10. Matthew Arnold
    Hebraism and Hellenism
  11. Carl Jung
    The Shadow
  12. Margaret Mead
    A Day in Samoa
  13. Lillian Ross
    The Yellow Bus
  14. Thomas Henrey Huxley
    A Method of Scientific Investigation
  15. Bertrand Russell
    Touch and Sight: the Earth and the Heavens
  16. Albert Einstein
    What Is the Theory of Relativity?
  17. James C. Rettie
    "But a Watch in the night," A Scientific Fable
  18. Rachel Carson
    The Moving Tides
  19. Loren Eiseley
    The Bird and the Machine
  20. Lewis Thomas
    The Long Habit
  21. Norman Cousins
    Pain Is Not the Ultimate Enemy
  22. Adam Smith
    Division of Labour
  23. Karl Marx
    Alienated Labor
  24. Andrew Carnegie
    The Gospel of Wealth
  25. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull
    The Peter Principle
  26. Lester C. Thurow
    Why Women are Paid Less than Men
  27. Jeremy Rifkin
    The Efficient Society
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Author Cards B.B.
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