FAS Mid-Term

  1. Aesthetician
    Studys the aesthetic aspects of art.
  2. Art Patron
    Materially or financially supports a museum or art gallery.
  3. Caricature
    An exaggerated picture of someone.
  4. Criteria
    Standard of judgement.
  5. Docent
    Volunteer at an art gallery or museum.
  6. Emotionalist
    Practices emotionalism
  7. Formalist
    Practices formalism
  8. Imitationalist
    Practices imitationalism.
  9. Curator
    Owner of an art gallery or museum
  10. Logo
    Graphic representation of a company or trademark.
  11. Axis Line
    Imaginary line traced through a picture.
  12. Balance
    Combination of elements creating equilibrium.
  13. Color
    Hue,Intensity,and Value
  14. Design
    Skillful blend of elements and principles.
  15. Elements of Art
    Basic components, or building blocks.
  16. Emphasis
  17. Form
    A 3D shape
  18. Gradation
    Gradual change in an element
  19. Harmony
    Accents similarities
  20. Intensity
    Quality of brightness and purity
  21. Line
    Continuous mark made by a moving point
  22. Movement
    Creates a feel of action
  23. Principles of Art
    Different ways elements can be used
  24. Proportion
    Relationship as a whole & each other
  25. Rhythm
    Repeated elements
  26. Shape
    2D area of the elements
  27. Space
    Area around, between, above, below, and within things
  28. Texture
    How things look like they would feel
  29. Unity
    Look or feel of wholeness
  30. Value
    Lightness or Darkness
  31. Variety
    Creating a combination of many elements
  32. Binder
    The liquid that holds the pigment together in wet media
  33. Burin
    A tool used specifically for engraving
  34. Dry Media
    That which is applied dry
  35. Intaglio
    Ink forced to fill lines cut into a metal surface
  36. Lithography
    Done on limestone or aluminum with a greasy crayon
  37. Photography
    Capturing an image on a light-sensitive surface
  38. Pigment
    Fine powder used for color
  39. Relief Printing
    Image raised from the background
  40. Screen Printing
    Applying an image onto a surface, one color at a time
  41. Serigraph
    A professional screen print
  42. Solvent
    Thins a binder
  43. Still Life
    Drawing or painting of inanimate objects
  44. Wet Media
    That which is applied wet
  45. Armature
    Used to support a sculpture while it is being made
  46. Assembly
    Combining pre-made pieces
  47. Bas Relief
    Slight relief
  48. Carving
    Cutting or chipping a form
  49. Casting
    Pouring a liquid into a mold to harden
  50. High Relief
    Image extends far from the background
  51. Investment
    What someone puts in to something
  52. Kinetic Art
    Art that actually moves in space
  53. Modeling
    Shaping of a pliable material
  54. Sculpture in the Round
    Sculpture meant to be viewed from all sides
  55. Design Qualities
    How well the art is organized
  56. Expressive Qualities
    Meaning of the Art
  57. Literal Qualities
    How realistic an artwork is
  58. Style
    Personal way of using and combining elements
  59. Megalith
    Big stone
  60. Old Stone Age
    Lasted from 30,000 B.C. to 10,000 B.C.
  61. Paleolithic Era
    Same as Old Stone Age
  62. Post and Lintel
    Posts with a lintel crossing them
  63. Dynasty
    Line of rulers from a single family
  64. Heiroglyphics
    Picture-writing used by Egyptians
  65. Mastaba
    Low, flat tomb
  66. Obelisks
    Tall, four-sided stone shaft
  67. Pharaoh
    Egyptian king or ruler
  68. Sarcophagus
    Tomb for a pharaoh
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