1. Woman of Willendorf
    Limestone, first piece of art
  2. Shaman
    Cave Painter
  3. Petroglyph
    An image or symbol carved in a rock
  4. Sumeria
    Developed the first writing, the wheel, the plow
  5. Ziggurat
    A sacred mountain that links heaven and earth (Mesopotamia)
  6. Theory of proportions
    Math used to make art proportional
  7. Kouro
    Sculpture of male youth
  8. Contrapposto
    Figure stands with weight on one foot
  9. Entasis
    Columns bulge in the middle to look straight
  10. Golden ratio
    Greeks developed, 4-9 (width-length)
  11. Frieze
    Carvings that decorate a buliding
  12. Doric
    Plain columns, no design
  13. Ionic
    Rams horn at the top of the column
  14. Corinthian
    Carving of floral leaves at top of column
  15. Romans...
    created buildings and aqueducts that are still around today
  16. Oculus
    The eye of the dome (the pantheon) 30ft. in diameter
  17. Catacombs
    Underground burial chambers used by the Christians
  18. Scythian style
    Animal style developed by Eurasian nomads
  19. Humanism
    A movement that explored scientific theory during renaissance
  20. Sfumato
    Soft blurring on the edges
  21. Calligraphy
    Elegant writing
  22. Literati
    Devoted to a life of art and poetry
  23. Pagoda
    Decent from Chinese water tower, Japanese perfected
  24. Ukiyo-e
    Pictures of the fleeting world
  25. Prana
    Life giving breath, concept in hatha yoga
  26. Stupa
    Rounded dome, early Indian Buddhist art
  27. Bodhistavva
    A person at the point of enlightenment but stays on earth to teach others
  28. Mosque
    Place of worship, bow down in direction of Mecca
  29. Muslims Conquered Spain...
    for Islam in 8th century
  30. Koran
    The sacred text in Arabic by Allah
  31. Spain is best known for...
    elaborate arches of intricate decoration in marble, alabaster and glazed tile
  32. Persia best known for...
    carpet designs (intricate designs satisfy the urge for beauty since the human figure isn't used)
  33. Persian painters are...
    some of the greatest illustrators in the world
  34. Tyi Wara
    Dance to the mythical creature who taught humans to cultivate crops
  35. Nkondi
    Fetish statuses from Loango, Kongo region
  36. Purpose of Nkondi
    To register agreements or seal disputes
  37. The Fauves
    The wild beasts
  38. Expressionism
    Inner feelings and emotions over objective depiction
  39. Cubism
    Geroges Braque and Picasso (style based on forms)
  40. Futurism
    The celebration of speed, dynamism
  41. DADA
    Ridiculed contemporary culture between world wars
  42. Neoclassicism
    The emulation of classical Greek and Roman art
  43. Romanticism
    Imagination and emotion more valuable than reason
  44. Landscape in America
    Hudson River School
  45. Impressionism
    What the eye sees rather than what the mind tells us
  46. Representational Surrealism
    Looked real, Salvator Dali
  47. Abstract Surrealism
    Emphasis on color and design
  48. Supermatism
    The focus on color and shape in art
  49. Constructivism
    A new visual language for a new industrial age
  50. Action painting
    Act of painting (dripping, throwing paint)
  51. Color field painting
    Larger areas of color with no structure
  52. Assemblage
    Conglomerates of random objects
  53. Combines
    Incorporated 3-D objects in assemblage
  54. Andy Goldsworthy
    Uses only natural organic things to make art
  55. Best known public sculpture
    Vietnam Veterans Memorial (By Maya Lin)
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