1. intrarenal causes of ARF can be prevented in a post op pt by
    maintaining adequate hydration
  2. which of the following nursing actions is most important for a pt with renal failure
    maintain accurate intake output and daily weights
  3. which of the following tests is most accurate for the assessment of renal functions
    creatinine clearance
  4. which of the following statements about creatinine clearance is true
    24 hr urine collection is needed to run the test
  5. which of the following factors can elevate the BUN level
    volume depletion
  6. an effective method for the removal of excess fluid and waste in a hemodialysis unstable pt with acute renal failure is
    continuous arteriouvenous hemodialysis
  7. 63 yo dialysis pt has gained 10 lbs in the past 3 days. how much retention does this equal
    5000 mL (500mL/day)
  8. kussmauls resp in pt with renal failure as compensatory mech for
    met acid
  9. greatest risk for renal failure
    42 yo with dehydration and infection tx w/ gentamycin
  10. renal failure secondary to urethral stones
  11. decreased blood flow through kidney results in
    release of renin from kidneys
  12. oliguria
    <400mL/24 hr
  13. creatinine clearance 5mL/min=
    renal dysfunction
  14. px renal failure secondary to aminoglycoside admin
    adjust dose based on peak and trough
  15. 53 yo with kidney and urethral stones. danger of developing
  16. most common cause of intrarenal failure
  17. pt with renal failure who have serum bicarb of <15 and pH<7.2 usually tx with
    Na bicarb
  18. first-line drug for tx renal insufficiency
  19. kayexalate is used to tx hyperkalemia how
    reducing the content of K
  20. major risk of peritoneal dialysis
  21. pt with ARF often have anemia secondary to
    decreased erythropoeitin levels
  22. pt says "im glad i only have diabetes"
    DM can affect your heart if it is not controlled
  23. pt with DM2 what can i do to px heart problems
    stop smoking
  24. pt with Dm says i think i have back problems; my feet are getting numb
  25. PVD associated with Dm; nurse assessed
    dusky skin tone
  26. check feet; DM
    prop mirror against wall and check feet
  27. safety hazard
    throw rugs
  28. Ha1C
    checks pancreas fxn
  29. elderly palpable thyroid gland
  30. prepare pt for thyroidectomy; instruct pt before
    how to support neck with hands
  31. insulin infusion
    glucose monitoring required ever 1-2 hrss
  32. 32 yo admitted to ICU with DKA. in addition to glucose monitoring, which electrolyte
  33. which is true of medical management of DKA
  34. common symptoms of hypoglycemia include
  35. which of the following pt have the greatest risk for developing ARDS from their injury
    pt who has received large volumes of fluid and or blood replacement
  36. pt with musculoskeletal injury is at increased risk for compartent sydrome
    severe throbbing pain
  37. whcih of the following injuries would result in a greater likelihood of internal organ damage and risk of infection
  38. ROM exercises, early ambulation and heparin prophylaxis are interventions to px
  39. older adult pt who is on fall precaustions is found lying on floor of room. what should nurs do first
  40. change of shift report for 28 yo admitted with ruptured appendix includes T 101 P 108 R26 BP 148/78. initial nurising priority
  41. pt returene from suregery suite following surgical resection. task to delegate to nursing
  42. which could be assigned to the nursing asistant?
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