Hymnology Final

  1. Which is more likely to use instruments? Temple worship or Synagogue Worship
    Temple Worship
  2. Which is more likely to use designated Levitical musicians? Temple or Synagogue Worship
    Temple worship
  3. Psalm singing in which the leader sings and the congregation responds.
  4. A poetic section of scripture (but not psalm) used in church services. Nine of these were specifically designated during the medieval period.
  5. Formerly Byzantium, now Istanbul, this city was named what in the 4th century?
  6. Constantine legalized Christianity around the beginning of what century?
  7. What Pope (590-604) was the namesake for a type of chant?
  8. Name one of the fourth-century bishops who were most influential in westernizing and popularizing hymnody.
  9. What is unique about the hymn found on a papyrus fragment in Oxyrhynchos, Egypt?
    It has musical notation.
  10. Why is the Ordinary of the Mass called "ordinary"?
    The Ordinary is what happens in each Mass, or what happens ordinarily.
  11. obedience, way of life, religious ritual, sacrificial offerings
  12. adoration of a superior being, "kiss towards", bow before
  13. Common meter
  14. Long Meter
  15. Short Meter
  16. Why was the Jewish influence on the church lessened after A.D. 70?
    The temple was destroyed in A.D. 70
  17. What was Charlemagne's office?
    Holy Roman Emperor
  18. What city was the seat of the western church after the 4th century?
  19. What city was the seat of the eastern church after the 4th century?
  20. Why did choirs, rather than congregations, sing during medieval services?
    The works were deemed too holy for common people to sing.
  21. Psalm singing in which two sections of the congregations sing back and forth to each other
  22. The Greek word hymnos meant...
    a song of praise.
  23. Luther's attitude toward singing in the church:
    congregational, unaccompanied, unison
  24. Many Lutheran chorales are in what musical form?
  25. During what century did Luther work?
  26. During what century did the Thirty Years' War occur?
  27. Describe Pietism
    Focused on the individual relationship between each man and God.
  28. Crüger's Praxis Pietatis Melica was...
    ...a songbook
  29. The Thirty Years' War was when?
    1618 - 1648
  30. Four-part version of Calvin's psalter
  31. Anabaptists
    Ulirch Zwingli
  32. Moravians
    Jan Hus
  33. Calvin
    Strasbourg Psalter
  34. Which collection of psalms contained 125 tunes in 110 meters?
    English Psalter, 1562
  35. Some Mennonites still continue to use the...
  36. The Moravians are associated with...
    ...Count Zinzendorf
  37. Bourgeois was more associated with...
    ... Calvin
  38. Which metrical psalms are more likely to be in Common Meter?
  39. Who persecuted the Anglicans?
  40. John Day edited a 1562 publication, The whole Book of Psalms, later called the "Old Version", which was popularly known by the names of what two men?
    Sternhold & Hopkins
  41. Most German chorale tunes would be called...
    ... proper
  42. Tate and Brady's "New Version" was published in...
  43. William Croft and others started composing and publishing hymn tunes with "embellished" music, using more than one note per syllable of text, around...
    ... 1700
  44. When hymns were used toward the end of the 17th century, they were most likely to be used in conjunction with what event in the worship?
  45. Isaac Watts' dates:
    1674 - 1748
  46. Watts was...
    ... a Presbyterian
  47. Charles Wesley produced how many hymns?
  48. Which group had more influence on the Wesleys?
  49. Charles Wesley years
    1707 - 1788
  50. John Wesley years
    1703 - 1791
  51. The Wesleys encountered a group of missionaries with a particularly comforting faith on a journey to what place?
  52. Who were derisively called "Methodists"?
  53. Which influential evangelist broke with the Wesleys over doctrinal matters?
  54. Hymnals approved for Anglican use were most likely to be arranged...
    ... according to the order of the Book of Common Prayer
  55. Mainzer and Hullah shared a common interest in...
    ... singing schools
  56. What significant hymnal appeared in 1861 as a result of the Tractarian Movement?
    Hymns Ancient and Modern
  57. Newton was a...
    ... preacher
  58. Foundery Collection
  59. important translator
    J. M. Neale
  60. musical editor of The English Hymnal
    Ralph Vaughan Williams
  61. Olney Hymns
    Newton & Cowper
  62. Poet Laureate, Yattendon Hymnal
    Robert Bridges
  63. The Ainsworth Psalter was published for...
    ... the Pilgrims
  64. Name of the first book printed in the colonies:
    Bay Psalm Book
  65. What famous New England singing school master published The New England Psalm Singer and wrote fuguing tunes?
  66. Jonathan Edwards, beginning of interest in hymnody, George Whitefield
    The Great Awakening
  67. largely involved the frontier, involved camp meetings, around 1800
    The Great Revival
  68. Around 1860, aroused interest in gospel songs, it led to the Sunday School movement, the YMCA developed around this time
    The Second Great Awakening
  69. Shaped notes became most popular in the pentatonic hymnody of...
    ... the South
  70. Who is best known for his involvement in American public school musical education?
  71. Zion's Harp and The Christian Lyre were collections of...
    ... frontier songs, early gospel songs and other popular hymns
  72. Name a well-known song leader and publisher of gospel songs who worked with Dwight Moody
    Ira Sankey
  73. What blind lady wrote around 10,000 hymn texts?
    Fanny J. Crosby
  74. Which group was least influenced by the Oxford Movement?
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