American Experience: 1920s quiz

  1. Who took low-paying jobs becuase of immigration restrictions?
    Mexicans and Canadians
  2. Who was Charles Lindbergh?
    Flew from New York to Paris
  3. Who was Ameila Eahart?
    flew from HI to CA
  4. Who were Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpetier?
  5. Who was Gertrude Ederle
    swimmer, (won Olymip gold medal, swam across English channel)
  6. What happened as a result of the decline in number of newspapers, (not popularity)?
    gave America common culture
  7. Who were Jelly Roll Morton and Louis Armstrong?
    jazz players
  8. Duke Ellington
    middle class jazz player with Fats Waller
  9. Edward Hopper and Rockwell Kent?
    painters who showed harsher side of American life
  10. Sinclair Lewis?
    author who disapproved of American society
  11. Eugene O'Neil?
    playwright of dark tragedies
  12. Lost Generation
    name of a group of writers who thought the world was corrupt
  13. Six prominent Lost Generation writers?
    Dos Passos, MascLeish, Crane, Cummings, Hemingway, Fitzgerald
  14. For whom was Harlem a cultural center?
    African Americans
  15. Who was a leading writer for the harlem writers?
    James Weldon Johnson
  16. Alain Locke, Zora Hurston, and Dorothy West all had what in common?
    they were Harlem writers
  17. What did Dorothy West write about?
    being black and being a woman
  18. Who came to Harlem as an actress?
    Zora Hurston
  19. What did Claude McKay and Countee Cullen have in common?
    Harlem poets
  20. What did Claude McKay write about?
    protested discrimination
  21. What did Langston Hughes do?
    wrote many different types of literature. described joys and problems of being american and black
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