Transmissible diseases/doc/pro dh

  1. what are the 7 routes of tuburculosis transmission?
    • inhalation
    • aerosols
    • standard precautions not sufficient - mask
    • droplet nuclei - spatter
    • airborne infection isolation measure necessary
    • ingestion
    • direct inoculation - skin to skin
  2. what are the modes of transmission for Hep A?
    • fecal/oral
    • waterborne/food-borne
    • blood
  3. what are 2 main modes of transmission for hep b?
    • percutaneous
    • prenatal
  4. name the three modes of transmission for hep c
    • percutaneous
    • saliva
    • nonpercutaneous
  5. ________ is a coinfection with HBV
    HEP D ("D" as in DUH)
  6. what are the moved of transmission for hep d? (5)
    • multiple exposures to hep B
    • blood and body fluids
    • contaminated needles
    • sexual
    • prenatal
  7. contaminated water, person to person thru fecal-oral (BARF), fecally contminated water sources are modes of which transmission?
    HEP E the EW EW one!
  8. what are factors that alter normal defenses?
    • abnormal physical condition
    • systemic diseases
    • drug therapy
    • prostheses and transplants
  9. T/F formats of documentation should have room to write and not be a check off format
  10. what are indications for premed?
    • mitral valve prolapse
    • mitral valve stenosis
    • prosthetic cardiac valves
    • previous endocarditis
    • congenital heart disease
  11. manipulation of gingival tissue, involving PA region of teeth, and perforation of the oral mucosa are:
    dental procedures requiring premed
  12. what does ADPIE stand for?
    • assessment
    • diagnosis
    • dh care planning
    • implementation
    • evaluation
  13. which part of ADPIE includes objective and subjective data collection?
  14. overal ________ and generalized _________ is an example of what?
    a gingival statement
  15. color, texture, size, position, shape, consistency, bleeding are all examples to put for the gingival _______
  16. localized/generalized, areas of severe involvement, specific tooth #'s are all part of the gingival statement distribution of _______
  17. perio case type ie II ( pockets) II (bone loss 6mm) IV (7mm mobility) are examples of the gingival statement ________ of disease
  18. what are three cultural considerations?
    • nonverbal
    • language
    • sensitivity
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Transmissible diseases/doc/pro dh
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