Theory Final

  1. what is the purpose of the preprocedural rinse?
    to decrease the # of bacteria on the gingival or mucosal surface
  2. how long does the preprocedural rinse lower bacteria for?
    >60 minutes
  3. after sitting up the patient reports being dizzy and lightheaded, what are they experiencing?
    postural hypotension
  4. what must the patient do to prevent postural hypotension?
    remain sitting before standing
  5. what is NWP
    neutral working posture
  6. what is the NWP for the head?
    tilted forward 15-20 degrees
  7. what is the eye to mouth NWP distance?
    15-22 inches
  8. t/f the shoulders in NWP will be perpendicular to the floor and hips
    FALSE! Parallel to hips and floor
  9. t/f in NWP the feet should be flat on the floor
  10. how many probe readings are there for each tooth?
  11. what stops the probe at the bottom of the sulcus?
    epithelial attachment
  12. what instrument is used to measure the furcation?
    nabers probe
  13. what is the height of the patient chair in relation to the clinician?
    at elbow level
  14. how is the dental light positioned for the maxillary arch?
    45 degree angle
  15. how is the light position for the mandibular arch?
    straight on
  16. how must the probe be angled as you enter into the pocket?
    parallel to the long axis of the tooth
  17. when probing what is something that can obstruct the path of the probe to the base of the sulcus?
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