Bio Unit 1

  1. Evaluation:
    Discussion of any errors or improvements that can be made in your experiment.
  2. Uncertainty:
    Degree of confidence you have in you measures and conclusion
  3. Controlled Variable:
    Those variables in your experiment that do not change (keep the same).
  4. Range:
    The spread of measures between the highest and lowest recordings.
  5. Mean:
    The calculated average of a set of data.
  6. Standard Deviation:
    The amount of variation of measures with respect to the "mean"
  7. Independent Variable:
    The only variable that you change in an experiment.
  8. Normal Distribution:
    A bell curve with 68%of measures falling within 1 standard deviation of the mean.
  9. Hypothesis:
    an "If....Then" statement about your independent and dependent variables in your experiment. What you think will happen.
  10. Citation:
    A reference attributing work to the original author.
  11. Raw Data:
    The measures that you observe and record in your experiment.
  12. Conclusion:
    Statement that interprets your results relative to your hypothesis.
  13. Correlation:
    Related or associated with an observation, but not the cause of the change.
  14. Casual Repetition:
    Circumstances or actions that produce a predicted or measurable change.
  15. Error Bars:
    Show the inaccuracy of your measures on a graph.
  16. Processed Data:
    Data that has been analyzed by calculating the man, standard deviation and graphing.
  17. Dependent Variable:
    The variable that you measure in your experiment.
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