1. Virulence factor for Griffith's Experiment?
    Casular polysaccaride is the structure that helps a pathogen cause infection or disease
  2. What are the two pathways of Phage infection?
    • Lytic (virulent).
    • Lysogenic (temperate)
  3. What is Generalized Transduction?
    • Lytic Phage - Bacterial DNA is randoml incorporated into phage.
    • Phages that are released have partial viral and bacterial DNA.
    • Phage containing bacterial DNA transfers it to a new host cell.
  4. What is Specialized Transduction?
    • Specific Genes are transferred.
    • Some Lysogenic phages insert at specific locationsin the chromosome.
    • Lambda phage in E.Coli inserts between galactose gene & biotin gene
  5. What is a Bacteriophage?
    A virus that can infect bacteria
  6. What is the structure of a bacteriophage?
    • nucleic acid core covered in a protein coat.
    • Have a head with genome, collar, tail sheath, plate, pin, tail fibers
  7. Prophase is?
    Phage DNA that has incorporated into the host bacterium's DNA
  8. What are Plasmids?
    extrachromosomal, circular 2 stranded DNA molecules.
  9. What are characteristics of Plasmids?
    • self replicating.
    • numerous copies per cell.
    • genes coded for are useful, but not essential fo growth
  10. What are F+ plasmids
    • Contain Fertility (f) plasmids and make an F pilis.
    • donor cells (male)
  11. What are F- Plasmids?
    • Fertility plasmids that code for f-pili.
    • Direct their own transfer.
    • recipient cells (female)
  12. Types of Plasmids include:
    • F plasmids.
    • R (resistance) plasmids.
    • Virulence Plasmids.
    • Ti (Tumor inducing plasmids.
    • bacteriocins (direct synthesis of bac. proteins)
  13. R plasmids contain which gene?
    Resistance (R) plasmids contain genes that provide resistance to various antibiotics
  14. What is transposon?
    • Tansposon is a jumping gene.
    • a mobile sequence that contains genes with the abilit to move from one locaiton to another.
    • may carry r gene.
    • may interupt gene function.
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